Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on Being a Phelps Phan

I noticed today on Facebook that a friend had made her status say that she thinks the Olympics should really be called the Michael Phelps Show.

Well, why not? We have a reason to celebrate him here in America. Last night he won TWO more Gold medals and got TWO more world records. So if you're not keeping count, that's 5 golds and 5 world records in the past 5 days in Beijing. Not only that, but the man's goggles cracked during his butterfly race last night and filled with water. He couldn't see anything. And he still won the gold and the record!

He also surpassed the record for most Olympic gold medals in a career ever (he had 6 from Athens 2004)... and he's still got 3 races left, and he'll probably be back for the 2012 games in London.

I know some people think we're all getting a little obsessed, but he's like the world's greatest athlete. It's likely that we'll be old and grey before someone comes along to challenge this kind of record.. we'll be telling our kids that we remember watching Michael do it.

Did everyone like the commercial that aired after he did it? I found the transcript online... Morgan Freeman says over pictures of Michael (all in shades of gold)," He's competed against the past. He's competed against the history books. He's competed against time, expectations and everyone who came before him. But most of all, he's competed against himself... Congratulations Michael, on having won more gold medals than anybody. Ever."

Yeah. Pretty awesome. (And props to the commercial people who pulled that together before the event.)

Meanwhile, I want to know who China thinks they're fooling with their gymnasts? There is NO way some of those girls are 16. Hello China, the world knows what a 16-year-old looks like. Some of your girls? Not it.

I felt a bit bad for our girls, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd be happy with a silver Olympic medal. Take it and celebrate ladies.

I started reading Dean Karnazes's Ultramarathon Man book yesterday. So far I love it. Can't put it down, except to watch the Olympics. I came across a few lines where he says, "Reflecting back, that is how I did things. Either 100 percent commitment, total unwavering devotion, or nothing at all." It really struck a chord in me, partly because of the current Olympic situation and specifically Michael Phelps. You know that these athletes have to be totally committed, or they wouldn't be there. You know that Michael has utter devotion to swimming, or else he'd be nowhere near the records he's smashing. I mean, they of course have talent. But it takes a lot more, I think.

It also hit me that honestly, that's how I live my life. When I am committed to something, I am committed. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to give it my all. Of course I'm like that with running... you don't just go run marathons for the heck of it and without preparation (or it's not wise to, anyways). But I'm like that with other things too... my relationships, whether it's a significant other, a friend, or family... my extracurricular activities like volunteering... etc.

I believe we should do things that we're passionate about in life. So that's why I run. That's why I write. That's why I sing in the car. That's why I invest so much time and energy in relationships with other people. That's why I walk away from things that don't build me up or bring something positive into my life or that my heart is just not into... I'd rather not do it at all if it's not the kind of thing that I can put my heart and soul into with joy.

So I'll keep cheering for Michael Phelps and all of the other American athletes. They make me proud. They inspire me to run my little heart out and go after my own goals in life. They seem to be far better role models than some of the other people in this world we like to look up to.

And those Olympic commercials just keep making me tear up... there's something to be said for that.


*aron* said...

go michael!!!! he is so awesome. i didnt know his goggles cracked!

and yah those girls do NOT look 16, maybe 11 or 12.

i just ordered the book and cant wait to read it!

Eric said...

The book of Dean its great I have read it a few times. His new book comes out next week so be ready because its look even better

Chris said...


Jackie said...

I can't believe his goggles cracked. He is a machine!

Agreed about the Chinese gymnasts...that one girl literally looked 12. Especially since they were rotating with the Americans and were right next to them in most shots of the sidelines.

Playful Professional said...

You know this whole Olympics so far has kind of been a you know who is going to win type of Olympics. There is a favorite picked that has no chance of losing. I've started cheering for the silver and bronze medals now. Not that I don't enjoy Phelps breaking records, it's just not as fun to watch as good competition!