Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On a Happier Note...

I fell in love last night. He's got super brown eyes... brown hair... and the most adorable smile you've ever seen. He looked into my eyes with his, and I could see he loved me, too. He lit up when I spoke to him.

Sure, he barely comes up past my knees. And he's three. But boy, I love this kid.

One of the guys I work with has a 3-year-old. I've seen him a good bit over the past 2 years, but he was always a bit shy and hid behind his mom and dad when I talked to him. I think maybe hanging out at their house and watching the Olympics some over the past week and a half changed something. Last night he RAN over to me, offering to help me clean up the hospitality area I had been in charge of this year. It was my last night in this position, and it was certainly fun to wrap it up with this adorable little boy helping me put things away.

It definitely made me smile. Having children of my own is certainly not anywhere in the near future from me according to my plans, but it's always fun to get to play with and love on someone else's adorable little bundle of joy. It serves as both a healthy dose of birth control and a reminder of why I do want to have my own some day.. like at least 5 years from now.

Meanwhile, I scored big time at the grocery store today. I don't think I mentioned that I just got my annual raise, which is always pretty exciting. I'm pretty much unphased when this time of year rolls around. I don't go out and start spending more. If anything, I figure out which account I want to start routing the extra cash into. So I keep on going after bargains and saving the extra money for the future.

I have a habit of eating Lean Cuisine pizzas. They're terrific for my lunch since they're not too big, but still filling and tasty. I went into Kroger thinking I'd pick me up a few to get through this week and found them on sale for 5 for $10. This is cheaper than Wal-Mart! Then, I looked more closely and saw that if you bought $20 worth, you could get an instant $5 rebate at the register. So this means 10 pizzas for $15. As if that wasn't already awesome enough, I had a coupone for $1.50 off of a Lean Cuisine, so I got 10 pizzas for $13.50.

Score. This is how Melanie likes to shop. Spend little on necessities and save the rest to spend on trips and other important large purchases.

I owe some props to this guy for providing me with this link and this link about the music that Michael Phelps listens to before a swim. Also, this gal was great at pointing me in the right direction to find this link. It's not what I was looking for in terms of his playlist, but it IS a picture of him with no shirt wearing all 8 medals for the cover of Sports Illustrated. It's worth taking a look (or two) at...

Disclaimer: I promise I don't really lust this much over shirtless men I don't actually know. But hey, what woman in American can help herself right now?


*aron* said...

ohhh thank you for that! i have been wondering what he is listening to :)

peachy perspective said...

I too LOVE Lean Cuisine pizzas (and some other dishes as well) and totally stocked up just like you did! Man, I'm getting hungry now just thinking about them!

Jackie said...

What an amazing bargain on the pizzas!

I am not really attracted to Michael Phelp's, at least face wise, but that third cover with the longer hair does something for him.

Crazy Daisy said...

Nice deal on the pizzas! I too love those things!

Leah said...

Good score on the pizzas!

In the patriotic/hot athlete spirit, be sure to check out Aaron Peirsol. He didn't win 8 gold medals, but he is still God's gift to my eyes.