Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running in the Rain

It's finally raining here in middle Tennessee. It's good because we need it, but it's not good because it's making me soooo sleepy today.

I love crawling into my bed when it's raining outside. I can hear it pretty well, and it definitely soothed me to sleep with ease last night.

I got myself to a spin class yesterday for the first time in ages. I've decided that spin classes are going to be my consistent method of cross training over the next 3 or so months as I train for Memphis. I'm also determined to get some yoga in once a week and do a little bit of ab work at least every other day.

It felt SO good to be spinning again. I can remember the first time I ever went to a spin class when I joined the gym back in 2006. It totally kicked my butt. Now I kick its butt. Hills with added resistance? No problem. Standing for the length of an entire song? Bring it on. Thirty second sprints on a flat road? Piece of cake. Don't get me wrong - it was a great workout, and I was literally dripping sweat. I'm just saying that I've come a long way. When I first joined the gym, I wasn't even really running that much. It's really exciting to remember how all of that felt and to know now that I've built a lot of strenght both in my legs and my cardiovascular system. Even though I was working really hard, I never got too terribly out of breath. It seems that my lungs are finally recovering from summer allergies, so I'm looking forward to getting deeper into my long runs. I don't feel terribly sore from the class, aside from the bike seat soreness. I'll adapt after a few more classes... always have in the past.

Speaking of long runs, I didn't do one in the midst of my busy weekend. I intended to make up with it today with a 6-8 miler. I can't run that long on a treadmill at the gym, so I'm planning on running outside. Yes, in the rain. I actually really like running in the rain. I got a half marathon PR in the pouring rain. I felt like I was a character on LOST running through a jungle from a monster in the rain, but apparently that works for me.

Besides, I know Tennessee weather. We've still got some hot and humid days ahead of us. Fall weather doesn't truly set in for good until almost November. I have to take advantage of any opportunity to get out of the gym and run on the trails when those days come along.

It feels good to be ready to train now. I've been building back up the past few weeks so that I could get back into the groove. I'm ready now. This week is only the beginning. It's time to get tough. I've got a marathon in less than 15 weeks that needs me to come kick its butt.


*aron* said...

WOOO and you are going to rock that marathon!!

i have been meaning to get to spin for the passed couple weeks. i went all the time in college and LOVED it, i just need to get back there! awesome job for going :)

Sarah said...

I really love running in the rain, too. At the very least, it gives me something else to concentrate on than "crap, I'm tired and still have 6 miles to go." Just watch out for blisters!

Chris said...

Oooh I love rain and I love running in it! But also curling up in my bed. I'm sure I do that a lot more when it's raining that actually go running. But it's nice!

Jackie said...

I like running in the rain too! I especially love when its misting and it just coats my face.

Eric said...

running in the rain is good after 20 or 30 minutes when you begin to warm up. Good luck on the marathon training any goals???

I am doing NYC marathon