Monday, August 18, 2008

That Michael...

Yeah, I'd be splashing around in the water like a little kid, too, if I just tied Mark Spitz's record. Surely I'm not the only one who found his reaction Friday night to winning the 7th gold medal by .01 of a second absolutely adorable. He just seemed so genuinely excited, kind of like a kid on Christmas morning.

I couldn't watch the Friday and Saturday night races live, but you better believe I taped them. Yes, taped.. as in, used a VCR and a VHS tape. I'm a bit too cheap to buy a TiVo. Maybe one day... anyways, I made sure to avoid finding out the results (i.e. didn't open the internet, didn't turn on the radio, stuck my fingers in my ears and started singing "God Bless the USA" if anyone started talking about the race) until I had time to watch the tape.

I'm so excited for him. I think that what he did is incredibly and proves a lot that with a bit of talent and a LOT of dedication, commitment and hard work you can achieve great things. I find him to be an inspiration in my own sport of endurance running and think he's an excellent role model.
I've seen today that a lot of articles are being written that he was being greedy and that he should have allowed the "less fortunate" athletes win a few. Um, hello? The Olympics are a COMPETITION. Maybe that fact escaped a few people. I don't think the guy's being greedy... I think he set out to see what he could do, made a few goals, and accomplished them.

I've also seen some articles from some people who don't think that what he did is any better than things other athletes are doing in other sports. Well, I guess you can argue the "better" part, but as far as I'm concerned his accomplishment is right up there with winning the SuperBowl or the Masters. (And is it just me or wouldn't it be better if they showed swim meets on tv instead of golf? Talk about much more exciting to watch.)

I really hope that not only will this feat of Michael's be something that encourages people to go after their own dreams and goals, but I also hope it gets people a bit more interested in swimming. It's a pretty cool sport.

Other than watching more Olympics and winning a little glory of my own, I also got in an 8-mile run on Saturday, attended a wedding and spent some time with someone fun eating some delicious Greek food and later enjoying some Italian wine (or at least I think it was Italian... what I do know is it was good).

Unfortunately, all good weekends must come to an end. There will be no more Michael Phelps swimming to watch for a while. And I can't sleep in again until the next weekend.

Today's excitment? Booking a flight to get myself up to Toronto in a few weeks. The Wrecking Crew rides again, as Steph put it in an email this weekend. Excited is an understatement for how I feel.

It's off to the gym in a bit for me. Today is week 1 of the 16-week plan I'll be using to train for Memphis. I just need to get in some 800's, and I might hit up a 20/20/20 class to get a little extra strength and core training in for the week. I won't be winning any Olympic medals with my running (and PS - wasn't it so sad that Deena Kastor had to pull out of the marathon with a broken foot?), but I'm going to go after my own goals with my next races over the course of the coming months left in 2008. It's time to get down to business.


*aron* said...

that was such an insane race! i cannot believe the end - amazing!! i love the olympics :)

sounds like a great weekend!

Chris said...

I need a TiVo more than anyone I know, seriously.

Also, not that I WANTED anyone else to win, but what an upset it would have been if someone beat him, right?!

rinus said...

The best swimmer all!.
Groet Rinus.

Playful Professional said...

16 weeks. Uh oh, I better get to the gym tonight to get in my first run.