Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Yesterday I ran again and it felt awesome. It was just 4 miles of speedwork, but after 6 miles of hillwork on Saturday I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back in the groove. Tempo run tomorrow, 5K race on Friday night, and then hopefully 10-12 miles on Saturday. We'll see how the weather is holding up that day...

So Michael Phelps is now 3 for 3 (both in Gold Medals and World Records). I loved the segment they aired last night about how he basically swims, eats, and sleeps (with a snoring dog). Can you believe how much food the man eats? I find that a lot of people are landing on my blog this week after googling him. I suppose I'm not quite what you're looking for, but I'll claim to be a Phelps Phan just like the rest of them. I'm certainly following him through his last swim on Saturday. Don't forget he has TWO tonight!

Speaking of Michael Phelps (ha)... one of the guys I work with said he must actually be a robot, and then he went on to ask me if I'd kiss him if he was a robot. My answer? Um, yes. If he's a robot that looks like that, what's the harm in a little kiss? I just might not marry him.

As if marrying Michael Phelps was an option.

I am going to the dentist in about an hour. I don't mind dentist appointments, though paying for them is a pain. The 20 minutes I spend in that chair is ridiculously expensive. But I love having nice, clean teeth. So I keep going back.

I'm quitting something. I know that sounds awful. I'm not really a quitter. But after much time, consideration and prayer I've decided that I need to uncommit from one of my extracurricular activities. I know it's the right thing and I'm not necessarily being a quitter so much as I'm being someone who is reshifting her priorities, but it still always feels a little bad to step away from something I'd previously devoted time to. I know I'll be glad I did, though.

I'm also prayerfully considering a few other things, but I don't need to write about them just yet. But if anyone wants to offer up an extra prayer for me and my life, they're always appreciated... and I'm always happy to return the favor. I always think that's what community in Christ is about anyways.

And finally, I found an awesome new wristlet clutch purse thanks to some direction of Chris over at Back to Good. I didn't buy the one she showed me, but I found another Hobo that was perfect for my needs... and I somehow managed to find it online for $23. I'd never heard of Hobo before. It came today, and I love it. Here's a pretty picture (though I actually bought it in black)!


*aron* said...

awesome job on the runs!!!

LOVED the segment last night on MP... i cannot believe how much he eats either!!! will be watching him tonight!

i HATE the denist and love your new purse :)

Chris said...

oh i'm so glad you found one you liked!!!

Sarah said...

I watched that segment, too. I couldn't decide who I'd rather cuddle with, Michael or his bulldog. Both too cute. The other thing I was pondering while watching was, "what the heck would I eat if I could eat 9,000 calories per day??" Mind boggling.