Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap: Olympics, Friends, and Graduation

Michael Phelps might regret this look later, but then again... when your body looks like this and you just won another Gold medal, do you really care? More on this later in the post, but if you didn't watch the men's 4x100m freestyle relay last night then take a moment and find the video on Seriously... I'll wait. Make sure you see it. There's also an article and clip here.

On Thursday, I had made very few plans for the weekend aside from playing with my new iMac. This quickly changed.

Friday: I felt like I looked like a total geek once I got my new iMac hooked up. I moved my PC to another table and had them both up and running so I can transition on over. I also had my old and new printer out to deal with as well as 3 ipods (because I got a new ipod touch for free!) waiting to be synced with the new computer. It was like a technology explosion in my living room.

Sidenote - does anyone know how to reformat an ipod that was already formatted for Windows? My nano and shuffle were used on my PC and I need to figure out how to reformat them for the Mac so that it'll let me install updates. Help would be appreciated if you are in the know.

After getting everything hooked up, I managed to get all of my music transferred (clearly the most important thing) before heading out with my good friend Aleesha and her friend Sasha. Aleesha was graduating from grad school on Saturday, so we went to eat and celebrate. We later ended up downtown at The Flying Saucer, managing to get in free because we're cool kids like that. We met up with Aleesha's brother Andrew who had hitched a ride to town from Memphis with some of his friends.

We ended the evening back at my house, Andrew playing the guitar as we all sang along to classic DMB tunes. I also found out Tucker does NOT like the sound of a guitar, something I didn't know since I hardly ever pick it up anymore. (Note to self: pick guitar back up sometime when I can find a moment to learn again.)

I finally crashed way later than I intended.

Saturday: I was up at 6:30am (ugh) to go for a 6-mile run out at Percy Warner. Six miles might not sound like much, but when you factor in that you climb a little over 2200 feet on this course it kind of makes it a bit tougher. I had a good run before heading home to clean up.

Then I was off to Red Lobster to meet Aleesha and her family for lunch to celebrate her graduation that morning! (I ate 5 cheesebiscuits... soooo good. Must run extra mile (or 5) sometime to make up for the obvious indulgence.) Someone needed to get Andrew back to town to meet up with his ride, so I gave him a lift before going home to take the world's shortest. nap. ever. and then hit the road again (I spent a LOT of time in my car). I spent the evening at the home of one of the guys I work with, hanging out with him and his wife and 3-year-old. We had a good time eating dinner, playing with a Veggie Tale castle and watching Michael Phelps win his first gold medal of the games (along with some other less important Olympic stuff).

I seriously crashed HARD when I finally got to bed around 11. It'd been a busy and full day, but it was busy and full in a good way. I had thought I'd spend the day at home playing with my new Mac and watching the Olympics, but it was really nice to have a bunch of surprise opportunities to hang out with good friends.

Sunday: I slept in a bit. I suppose a good girl would go to church, but sometimes you can't be that good. I definitely appreciated having a lot of sleep after my crazy busy Saturday.

I headed to my friend Brett's place for a lunch to celebrate that he also graduated on Saturday. I got to catch up with a lot of old friends I haven't seen lately, and - you guessed it - we watched some of the Olympics... although all that was on was weight lifting and volleyball, so we hardly paid attention. We spent more time discussing Michael Phelps's goals and his 12,000 calorie-a-day diet. Seriously, I can't imagine eating that much.

Then it was back home (after dropping off some cds to a friend) to freshen up a bit and then hang out with Brandon. Despite being a Tennessean, he's new to the Nashville area and knew little of my alma mater. A campus tour was in order. I realize now how cheesy that sounds, but it was important for him to be in the know about one of our state's major universities. He seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe he's a terrific actor. We also checked out the greenway for a bit (apparently it was the day that families decided to come out in their khakis and white shirts to make photos for their annual Christmas card) and then had a little mexican food for dinner. Yum. I felt like I did my job to educate someone new on an important college town in Tennessee.
I spent the rest of the evening trying to finish cleaning up my old PC... my mom's friend is actually going to give me a little cash for it to buy it for her mom to use just for email and internet stuff. The monitor is totally still worth money, so I was excited that I'll get rid of the thing AND have a little money to take off of the "out-of-my-pocket" cost of my Mac.

People - this is how we do things in Mel's world. We buy computers on sales tax holidays and get a sister who is a student to buy it for you and get not only a discount but also a free ipod and a free printer and then use the $600 economic stimulus check that grew interest while sitting in a money market and also apply cash from selling the old computer and BAM - you've got over $2000 worth of technology for less than $1000 of your own personal money. That's the way I roll.

I also watched the Olympics (get ready for this to be a theme through August 24). I LOVE the summer Olympics. I so heart Michael Phelps. I'm pretty sure I was yelling at my tv during that relay last night.. I'm also pretty sure I scared my cat by doing so. It was just too exciting to sit there quietly. Even the commentators agreed: "Well, it looks like they're going to have to settle for silver. Wait! Wait a second! He's catching up!!! He just might do it! Unbelievable! Wait, no.. it's silver. NO!!! IT'S GOLD!!!!" Yep. Good times around 11pm last night.

I had so much adrenaline that I had to take a few minutes to calm down before I could go to bed. I wanted to call people and ask, "Did you just SEE that?!"

I did a little research today and found out when Michael's remaining 6 races will be showing on NBC (all times are Central Standard, b/c that's the world I live in):

Monday (tonight!) 9:16pm - 200 free
Tuesday 9:21pm - 200 fly
Tuesday 10:19 pm - 4x200 free
Thursday 9:48pm - 200 IM
Friday 9:10 pm - 100 fly
Saturday 9:58pm - 4x100 IM

I know people think that all of this stuff about Michael is a bit excessive, but he is one of the world's greatest athletes. He's setting world records... and then breaking them! He's racking up medals. He's in a position to win more Olympic medals in his career than anyone else has done in their's, as well as in a position to win more Gold medals in a single Olympics than anyone else. DAMN!

So support your fellow American... he's doing unbelievable things. I couldn't help but feel a little pride when the broadcaster asked one of the other relay team members, "Who's talking now?" (in response to how the French were going around claiming they had this race in the bag)... He replied, "We are. United States of America." Heck yes.

I'd also like to point out that it's not a good idea to go around talking smack about winning gold medals before you have actually done it. That always kicks you in the butt. It's kind of like on Saturday how American swimmer Ryan Lochte was going around saying he thought he could beat Michael Phelps in the 400 IM. I mean, really? You're going to go around bragging on WORLDWIDE television that you can outswim the world's best swimmer? Yeah. He got third (which is still good... yay America!)

I suppose it's fitting that I also let you know the women's marathon is being held Sunday, and the men's marathon will be next Sunday. America has some strong medal contenders in both races. It should be awesome.

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend. My plans for the next 2 weeks pretty much revolve around the Olympics, so stay tuned for more posts where I share my excitement!

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