Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Know You're a Marathoner When...

I always love the posts that pop up on running forums and in running magazines and websites about how to know that you're a marathon runner.

I have one to add to the list.

You know you're a marathoner runner when you dream about meeting Ryan Hall and his wife Sara.

I'm not even kidding.

First, check out his new blog post about his experience running the Olympic marathon. I thought it was an incredibly well-written piece and that he does a great job of being both honest and humble about how he felt about the race. I know he's only like a year older than me, but I really look up to him. He seems to be a good guy who's trying to use his talent to honor God and to lead a good example for others. I respect him.

Anyways, so I dreamed that I was coming out of a stall in a bathroom and found Ryan and his wife Sara standing at the sink. (Within the dream, it wasn't odd that they were both in the bathroom. Apparently it was unisex.)

I immediately recognize them and say how I know all sorts of people must bombard him all the time (because marathoners are such celebrities and all) and that I hate to do that, but that I run marathons and respect him so much and would he mind if I got his autograph.

He grinned and said yes and walked away to grab a copy of Runner's World (apparently they're stocked in the bathroom) and I chat with his wife and ask her about her running while he writes me a note on the front of the magazine. I'm super excited, and then I don't want Sara to feel left out so I ask her to sign it, too. (I think in the dream I also wanted to make sure she didn't think I was flirting with her husband or something.)

Then, they offered to sign my race number. Apparently, we were at a race. So they sign that and tell me that if I see them after the race when I have my camera to make sure to take a picture with them. I was going to be running in a race with Ryan and Sara Hall!

Then I woke up.

I had to laugh. I KNOW this sounds crazy. I'm sure it was spurred by looking through my copy of Runner's World that had Ryan on the cover last night. But I think it's safe to say that only a marathon runner would actually have dreams about Olympic marathoners.
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youmeandeveryone said...

Haha, only you ;)

M*J*C said...

Too funny! I love that the restroom stocked "Runners World"!