Wednesday, September 10, 2008

27 Hours Til I Leave for Toronto!

Last night I volunteered at a special dessert function put on by Mercy Ministries for the players in their upcoming golf tournament. Basically, it was a time for Mercy to show their appreciation for the players who are working hard to raise money for the organization as well as encourage them in their final weeks of fundraising. I always enjoy myself when I work these kinds of events.

Last night's was especially cool because it was held at the home of one Tennessee Titan football player Kevin Mawae. He and his wife are totally awesome for letting everyone come into their home for the event. They're big supporters of Mercy. They seemed like perfectly normal people. His wife even left in the middle of the event to go pick up their two kids from soccer practice. I always think it's neat to see people who are wealthy but are still trying to live normal lives and do their part to make the world a better place. (Of course, their house is way nicer than mine, but it wasn't too crazy or anything.)

I need to run 10 miles today. I'm planning on running 10 miles today. I'd really like to skip it, but that'd be totally unwise. It's just always hard for me to get myself out on long runs in the middle of the week. But I need to. I switched this weekend's run and next weekend's, putting 10 on this weekend's agenda and 16 next weekend. Easy as pie. Except I'll never run while I'm in Canada. So it's better to do it a few days early than not at all.

I was excited about it this morning. It was cloudy! It was cool! There was a breeze! Now it's 88 degrees and 58% humidity. Booooo.

I have to remember that every time I feel like I might not be able to do a run that most of the time I get out there and feel great. I wonder why I was doubting myself in the first place. And it's not that I REALLY doubt myself. I've run plenty of marathons and half-marathons, so I always know I can get out there and do whatever mileage I need to do. But I totally have a tendency to let the heat get to me. I know I don't run well in the heat. So it makes me want to bail out...

But I can't do that. I'm not going to do that. I will change my clothes. I will grab my water bottle and my ipod of awesome music. And I will hit the road with full intentions of running 10 miles.

Then I'll feel really great. Tired, possibly. Overheated, possibly. Great, definitely.

And I should feel great. I'm not skipping a run. And I'll probably be walking a lot this weekend in Toronto, so it's not like I'll be lazy before I run again on Monday. And I'll do 16 next weekend and be back on my training plan as scheduled.

I'm really excited about my trip. I'm pretty much packed other than I need to toss in an extra long sleeve shirt since it's supposedly going to be cool and rainy some. I was also reminded to bring a swimsuit, which is good since I hadn't thought of it.

So here's to getting my long run in today, heat and everything. And here's to a totally awesome weekend with my best girls. I can hardly wait for my flight tomorrow!


*aron* said...

you go rock that 10 miler!!

have a WONDERFUL trip!! cant wait to hear all about it and see pics!!

Mojito Maven said...

ok seriously, can you come to Dallas and be my:

1. running buddy
2. motivational coach
3. trainer

that would be great. thanks! let me know when we can schedule your move to Dallas haha.

J said...

I'm curious about Mercy Ministries. I went to a Mercy high school so i was just wondering.

Good luck with the long run.