Monday, September 15, 2008

Tina Fey (and Michael Phelps) on SNL

I just watched the tape of Saturday's SNL premier.  I thought Michael Phelps did a pretty decent job, even if he did seem a little nervous.  I LOVED the one about the "Michael Phelps Diet."  Find it online if you didn't see it.  I did think that the writing seems to be a little less than desirable... is it just me or is SNL not nearly as funny as it used to be?  I was a little surprised to see the locker room skit, which was almost exactly the same as the one they had Peyton Manning do last year.

If you don't see anything else from the episode (that overall I give a 4 out of 5), watch the above clip of the cold open.  Tina Fey came back to do an amazing impersonation of Sarah Palin.  I think it's worth noting that the ONLY time Obama's name is mentioned in the entire episode (that I caught anyways) is in this skit.



Sarah said...

I usually can't stay away until SNL comes on (or I'm out of the house) but this was a GREAT skit. Tina Fey is one of my most favorite people I don't actually know.

Jackie said...

My husband and I were so excited for SNL, but besides the opening, the diet skit, and the fake just wasn't that funny. Definitely a lot of repeated skit!

Rachel said...

I've heard about the skit, but I didn't see it yet. I really want to watch it. I heard it on the radio the next day!