Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My family has always been "cat people." My grandparents had a siamese cat named Titus who died of old age a few years back, so we got them a new one. They named him Charlie.

In November, Charlie would have been three years old. Unfortunately, they had to put him to sleep yesterday. He had some sort of urinary blockage problem that they did surgery on but realized they couldn't fix. He'd have died naturally from it, but they didn't want him to sit around in pain for the last day or two of his life.

I was REALLY sad when my mom told me the news. My grandparents are pretty old, and my grandpa has been in pretty bad health the past few years. They loved Charlie, and it makes me really sad for them to lose him. Why is it that purebred cats seem to have so much more trouble with their health than regular old cats?

Charlie was a good cat. When we got him from a breeder a few hours away, he rode in my lap the whole way home. He slept with me the first few nights we had him because we were keeping him to give to my grandpa as a surprise on his birthday. He was sweet and loved to play with his cat toys. In particular, he had a tiny white teddy bear that he'd carry all over the house in his mouth.

Charlie will be missed. It still makes me sad that he was so young and my grandparents hadn't really had him that long in the scheme of things.

When I got home, I gave Tucker a big hug and he purred. I know I'd be devastated if something like this happened to him. Pets become part of your family, and it's always hard to see them pass on.

My parents are going over there tonight to bury Charlie in my grandparent's yard. I'm doing some volunteer stuff so I won't be going with them, but I know it's going to be hard on my grandparents.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer today, but it just really bummed me out last night to find this out. On the lighter side, here are a few pictures of Charlie when he was a kitten. He'll certainly be missed!


Sarah said...

I'm not a cat person but Charlie was cuuuute. It's so hard to lose a pet but especially hard when they only had him for such a short time.

db said...

Oh no, Melanie. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie! I hope you're doing okay and I'll be thinking about your grandparents!

*aron* said...

oh no :( i am so sorry. it is sooo hard to lose a pet. i cant even think about that for my girls now, i would be a wreck. hope your grandparents are doing ok.

he was such a cute kitten!!!

E said...

How horrible! My cats are my kids to me...I can't imagine losing one like that. Siamese males seem to be especially prone to uninary problems. We've had issues with Dixon with those.

Charlie was adorable, and I'm sure he will be missed.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I am so sorry to hear about Charlie. I had a cat named soda when I was little and she died of Leukemia. I have never been able to get another cat since then. You guys are in my prayers!

J said...

So sorry for your loss. He looks so cute and cuddly though in the pictures.

Playful Professional said...

Aww he was very cute. Sorry :( I just found out that I can't have cats because I'm allergic, and I'm a cat Lover too.