Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting Things Done

Don't you love it when you have really productive days?

Yesterday was like that for me.

I joined my mom and my sister for lunch, listening to my sister gush about her boyfriend. It's kind of funny. She's four years younger than me, and I so remember being like that about my boyfriend when I was her age, but it's interesting how the WAY in which we gush over guys changes as we get a little older. Don't get me wrong... I'm good at the gushing. But it's still different now than it was when I was 21. She and her boyfriend are almost sickeningly sweet, but I'm totally happy for her that she's got a guy in her life that treats her really well and puts her on cloud 9. I like the guy, which is lucky for him. I certainly don't want to have to have words with boys my sister dates. Believe me - I'd do it if the situation called for it.

Anywho, I did ALL of my laundry yesterday. Before a big trip, I like to make sure everything is done for 2 reasons. 1: I have everything I own to choose from before I pack. 2: I don't have near as much laundry waiting on me when I get home. I would have loved to have done a little cleaning, too, but scrubbing the toilets was about the only thing that merited importance yesterday.

I also had hoped to go on and start cleaning out my closet. I have WAY too many clothes, a byproduct of the fact that I have been the same size for years. I know a lot of women might scoff at me and remind me that I'm lucky. I get it. But when you realize you've got pictures of yourself in some of the same outfits over the course of five years, you kind of want to change things up a bit. So I've bought new clothes, but haven't gotten rid of some of the older stuff. I always justify keeping them by the fact that they still fit and look good, but when it comes down to it there's a lot I don't wear because I'm sick of it. So I'm going to clean a lot out and take it to Plato's Closet and hopefully get some cash for it. Anything they don't want will go to Goodwill.

I made mix cds to take to my girls when the Wrecking Crew reunites in Canada this weekend. This also got me really excited that it's only 4 days away! I'm so going to pack tonight, which will so be a 2-hour process since I need to make sure I pick some really awesome outfits. When the 3 of us get together, we like to get all dolled up and paint the town red. I need to be prepared and hopefully fit it all in a carry-on bag.

I got a bunch of stuff organized on my computer, so my transition to the iMac is pretty much complete. I also tried to hook up my printer, but it doesn't come with the USB cable to connect it to the printer. What. the. heck. Who makes computer printers and then doesn't include a cable to hook it to the computer? I think this is ridiculous. But since the printer was free, I'm going to suck it up and buy a cord. But still.. ridiculous.

I halfway watched the Colts getting beaten up by the Bears. It was sad. Poor Peyton. But it's only the first game, so it hardly counts, right?

A good conversation with a guy named Andrew who you are likely to find referenced from time to time in coming posts (and yes, that was me introducing a guy here in my blog... you all know I tend to keep a lot private so don't get too excited just yet or start expecting a lot of details, but he's possibly going to be a bit more relevant and therefore mentioned from time to time) led to me thinking about things I'm looking forward to this week... and also past this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing my girls in Toronto this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Toronto and Niagra Falls. I'm looking forward to good training runs and terrific races in the coming months (I've got 4 before the end of the year!). I'm looking forward to visiting the above-mentioned guy sometime soon. I'm looking forward to Christmas (and yes, I know it's like 4 months away, but I LOVE that time of year and it'll be here before we know it!). I'm looking forward to more time with good friends. Things are pretty good right now... it feels good to have a lot to look forward to as we wind down 2008 (can you believe that?!)

Hope everyone else had a delightful weekend! It's back to the grind of work today, but I'm looking forward to my speed workout and packing tonight. It should be good times, ha!


*aron* said...

i LOVE productive weekends :) yayyy for you!

you are going to have a blast this upcoming weekend!

Eric said...

good luck on the races have 6 remaining. Enjoy your trip to Toronto and of course I am already thinking about Christmas in fact I bought my ticket for my trip home already. For me the countdown for Christmas begins on labor day weekend. Good to know that there is somebody thinking like me
have a great week

Sarah said...

Weird about the printer cord... is it wireless? Now that would be cool!

E said...

Sounds like you have everything going your way right now! And I know you're into keeping things private, but I'm going to need to know a little more about this Andrew character. Have to make sure he's worthy and all that. :-)

db said...

So, um, I think I should be in the list of things you're looking forward to. And I think you should be counting down the days (I'm pretty sure it's 58 now)!