Friday, September 5, 2008

Keep Running, Running

The lovely Aron over at Runner's Rambles sent me a link to this article. Did anyone else know that VP candidate Sarah Palin is a 3:59 marathoner?! I'm certainly not trying to get political by sharing this article, but I have to say that I can always respect someone who participates in my sport. Us marathoners have a tendency to stick together because we all kind of understand what it takes to be marathoners... and those qualities kind of stick with us off the road, too. I just thought it was interesting.

I got my 6-mile run in yesterday. Despite it being 88 degrees and ridiculously humid, I ran it in about 53 minutes. I definitely felt pleased with that since it's a little under a 9 minute/mile pace. I certainly couldn't have kept at it much longer at that pace, but that's part of why I'm running a December marathon. :)

I also hit up the yoga class, which ended up being like an answered prayer. Seriously - I had hoped we'd cover a few moves to get my hips stretched out, but we spent the ENTIRE hour doing hip work. I'm definitely feeling it today, but in a good way. It was also really great to get a refresher on some of the moves so I can do them when my hips feel tight in between classes. It was great to get back to yoga, and I certainly intend to try to hit it up once a week.

This weekend's run scales back a bit from last weekend's 14.5 miler... I'm only running 6. However, it's on a ridiculously hilly course. I like to do it once a month to get some killer hill running into the training mix. I think trading the distance for the hills is good on occasion.

The rest of my weekend should be pretty relaxed, and I'm looking forward to it. I might do a little football tailgating action up at my alma mater (though I'm going to pass on the game... they didn't look too hot last week and I'm not really willing to spend money to watch that). I definitely plan to catch up on some sleep. I'd like to also watch a movie or something. I haven't rented any in a while.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend!


*aron* said...

yayyy i liked that article... so true how you kind of stick together as marathoners.

awesome job on the 6 miler in the heat/humidity! i am soo looking forward to the cool Dec marathon :)

have a great weekend!!! rock those hills!

M*J*C said...

Thanks for your help with posting the link!!
Great job on your run and good luck on your hills this weekend!

Chris said...

Wow...6 miles under an hour? You are impressive. Like insanely impressive. I'm impressed.

Laura said...

Wow, I had no idea Sarah Palin was a runner! Now I want to run a 3:59 in my next marathon so I can say I run as fast as the VP candidate :)