Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sometimes You Gotta Be a Kid

What a fantastic Labor Day weekend I just had! It was really hard to get myself up and to work this morning. I wanted another day of fun instead!

Friday was an exceptionally long day at work, so I was glad to have plans with my gal Aleesha for the evening. We ended up going with her husband, his brother, and her one-year-old to Chuck E. Cheese's. I know that a one-year-old isn't really old enough to enjoy such a place, but we won't lie. We went for us. It was a total blast to eat a LOT of greasy pizza (talk about loading up on the carbs and calories for my long run) and playing skeeball. I totally won enough tickets to get a lot of candy. I remember thinking the prizes were a lot cooler when I was a kid. I guess perspective changes. Regardless, we totally acted like a bunch of kids, and I think there's something to be said for doing that from time to time.

Saturday morning I got up before sunrise and was on the greenway to start my run at 6:20am. This may be the earliest I have ever started a training run. While it ranged between 75-85 degrees the entire run, the humidity was 90%. I didn't have a dry spot on my entire body, and my clothes were soaked through. It was a good 14.5 mile run. I finished in about 2.5 hours, which isn't great... but considering the heat I was pleased with the time. Heck, I was pleased to finish.

A friend came in from out of town, so I didn't even take a nap after the run! After hanging around all day, Aleesha and her husband joined us for dinner (I cooked spagetti, which is always a good choice after a long run). Then, we headed out for a little bowling action. I am not a terrific bowler, but I surprised myself and got a lot of strikes during the first game and beat everyone else with a 133. However, my exhaustion from the day started to sink in on the second game and I lost terribly with a 70, ha!

Sunday was spent doing church and lunch with the family, and then we went roller skating! Seriously - I was such a kid this weekend. I don't think I've ever done quite this many "activities" in a 3-day span of time. Plus, my legs were totally wondering what on earth I was trying to do to them, but I was pleased that I wasn't terribly sore from the run. I have to admit... I jumped from 10 miles to 14.5 miles in one week. This is usually a terrible idea, but my fitness level is still pretty high so I think it didn't have too much of a negative effect. My hip is still a little achy, but I'm working on keeping it stretched out.

Sunday evening we went to this cookout that my aunt and uncle have every year for the holiday weekend. Tons of good food and a whole lot of laughter... then we headed to go see Tropic Thunder. I laughed and thought parts were funny, but I'd recommend renting it later instead of paying to see it in theaters.

I actually took it pretty easy yesterday. I ran a few errands, did some laundry and helped Aleesha work on some stuff in her classroom. I was seriously in bed by 9pm. My body kind of took a beating this weekend, and I also stayed up a lot later than usual for a few nights.

I love it when I have really terrific weekends. Of course, it went by WAY too quickly. But all in all, I'm thankful to have had so much fun with several good friends throughout the weekend as well as with my family. If this really does have to be considered the last official weekend of the summer, then I have to say I managed to go out with a bang.

Of course, I still have Toronto to look forward to next weekend. Then maybe I'll wrap my summer fun up. :)

Hitting the gym again today for speedwork. Despite being insane for jumping to 14.5 miles this weekend, I really feel good about it. I think that I'm on track now for my training. It took me a few weeks to bounce back, but I'm totally in the zone now. Hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday weekend!

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J said...

Wow 14.5 miles! Very impressive! Sounds like you had a great weekend!