Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

A few headlines today that I found interesting:

"Kevin Costner records country music album" - Really? Can Kevin Costner even sing?

"Winehouse says, 'I'm a Mess'" - Well no duh... glad she finally figured out what the rest of us have known for ages.

"White Sox force 1-game playoff vs. Twins" - This wouldn't have normally been interesting to me, but I learned this weeked that Andrew is quite a White Sox fan. I learned more about baseball and the White Sox in this past weekend than I ever knew before (and I'm sure there's still a LOT left to learn.)

Anyways, yesterday afternoon I discovered that it would be 10 degrees cooler and partly cloudy today, so I pushed the 10-miler back another day to today. I feel pretty good about the decision. Instead of running, I hit spin class last night and worked on those leg muscles that don't get enough attention while running. I love it because I can totally tell it's a great workout (I sweat a lot, I feel the burn in my legs), but it doesn't leave my legs sore for running the next day. I also got my push-ups done... THAT I can still feel today.

I'm looking forward to hitting the path today. I haven't run since Thursday, and the weather is decent... so I feel like it should be a good run. I'm also excited because I utilized the message boards for the running club I joined and found someone to run most of my 18-miler with this weekend. I'm definitely glad I won't be doing it alone!

I can't believe that I'm as far into training as I am! It seems like I just started yesterday, and here I am up to 18 miles. I also have a half-marathon next weekend, and then it will only be a few weeks until the Battlefield Marathon. Crazy! For some reason, the training is flying by in a way that it hasn't during my training for my previous 3 marathons. I feel good about it though. I think I'm stronger, healthier, and more fit than usual right now. I think I'm in good shape... I just have about 4 really long runs to go and then it'll be almost time for the Memphis Marathon!

I've also started thinking a little bit about 2009. I turn 26 in May, so I'm determined to make a big deal out of running a marathon while I'm 26. So... my plan is to run Chicago next October.

I might also check into running the Little Rock Marathon in March so that I don't get too out of shape after Memphis and the holidays. I'll definitely do at least one more in November or December since there are so many races so close to me. It's exciting to be thinking about what I want to do next year, and in some ways it helps me to stay motivated to reach my goals these last few months of 2008.


Mojito Maven said...

if you run white rock lake, we have to hang out while you're here and i'll come cheer you on because let's be honest, i wish i could run a full marathon :)

Rachel Ann said...

If you ever run the Boston Marathon, I promise to cheer you on since it's a city holiday and everyone goes!

Sarah said...

Oh man, I've never thought about it before but I'll be running my first marathon at age 26. Awesome!

*aron* said...

yayyy i did marathon #1 (and will be doing #2) at age 26! i was very stoked about that :)

sounds like you have some fun plans for next year! have a great run tonight!

M*J*C said...

Thanks for the trash bag idea!! Your plans for your "26th year" sounds awesome!!! I wish I would have been into this "running thing" back when I was 25/26!!!

J said...

I love it when you find races and then you can plan out the future! I never thought about the mileage with the age but that is great!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I have friends that have run white rock lake. I really want to one day!

Penny Lane said...

Yikes I wonder if Kevin Costner's songs are like his movies - long and boring.

Mojito Maven said...

yeah clearly i was being a blonde because i totally didn't see the whole little Rock part of that hahahahaha. BUT, you should run the white rock lake marathon and then I can be your cheerleader :)