Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wrecking Crew Hits Toronto

I'm finally recovered from the weekend. Something about running 10 miles yesterday really seemed to help. I think it got me back into my schedule of my normal life that doesn't involve running all over a city in another country with my two best girlfriends. So, as promised, details about my awesome weekend with my Wrecking Crew ladies in Toronto.

I left Nashville on Thursday, breezing through security in less than 3 minutes and taking off only 5 minutes late. I was stuck in the very back row of the plane. This is not fun. I had a window seat, but there was not a window. So I cranked up the ipod and settled in with Runner's World to pass the time. Once in Detroit, I spent $10 to eat a sandwich and waited for Steph to arrive. Shortly after, we were on the plane to Buffalo and sitting together because she so wisely pointed out that her aisle was much closer to the front than the one the man sitting next to me would be sitting in. Score.

Amanda picked us up in Buffalo, and we proceeded to engage in lots of girl talk as we made the drive to her home in Canada. The border is fun... they asked a LOT of questions about what we were doing and how we know each other and where we live and what we do for work. (The guy raised an eyebrow when I mentioned my job... that tends to happen. Cabinet hardware distribution isn't something you hear about regularly. I was glad to give him something new.)

Friday we got up and headed to Tim Horton's for coffee and muffins. They say that we have a Starbucks on every corner, but this is definitely an exaggeration. I see a lot of Starbucks-free corners. However, they literally have a Tim Horton's on every corner. It's crazy. But by the end of the weekend, I wished we had Tim Horton's. Everything there is excellent.

Amanda works for Whirlpool, so she was able to get permission to show us around one of her warehouses. It was really fun for me and Steph to put on a safety vest and ride around with her in a golf cart. When you don't live anywhere close to your best friends, it's awesome to have a chance to see where they work and what they do for a living.

Next, we headed to downtown Toronto to find a tour. We wandered around for a bit, and I ate street meat for the first time ever. I settled on buying a chicken hot dog, which was surprisingly delicious. Or maybe I was just really hungry. We hopped on a double decker bus to take a tour of the city and check out a lot of the really cool buildings, including the old hockey stadium, new hockey stadium, hockey hall of fame, teeny tiny football field for Toronto University, a castle, a part of town remniscent of Times Square, the CN Tower and the baseball stadium. It was definitely neat to see a new city and learn some interesting facts. For example, the CN Tower has the world record for dropping an egg from the top and catching it at the bottom unbroken. WOW.

We stopped by IKEA on the way back to Amanda's because I had never seen one. We don't have one terribly close to Nashville, so I never have had a chance to duck in one. It was pretyt neat to see what everyone has been talking about all this time.

Once home, we cleaned up and ordered some Chinese before getting all dolled up for a night on the town. Amanda's friend Tracey joined us, and we took the train downtown to meet up with a few of their other friends. We went to this really cool bar/nightclub that I thought was kind of classy. They had excellent music, so we spent a lot of time dancing and just being girls. we met a few guys from FL and GA and started talking football to them, but they totally blew us off after a bit so they could go outside and smoke. We agreed that you know you're addicted when you abandon girls for your cigarettes.

It was a late night (as in it was 3am before we went to bed), but we were up around 9 to head to Canada's Wonderland. I LOVE amusement parks, and we made sure we rode all 10 of the big rollercoasters as well as a few of the smaller rides. Wonderland just opened a new ride called Behemoth that is the tallest coaster in North America at 230 feet. It was AWESOME! I was shaking when we got off because of the adrenaline rush that it gives. Check out the video of the ride by clicking the link on Behemoth earlier in this paragraph to see what I mean. We definitely had a blast at the park all day.

After getting home, we took naps and had some yummy pasta for dinner. Some of Amanda's friends joined us to head over to a local pub to have some Canadian beer as well as Polar Bears. A Polar Bear has Creme de Cacao and Peppermint Schnapps, and it may be the best shot ever. Seriously. Try one sometime. We had a great time hanging out, talking and listening to a great cover band (we heard mostly American music the entire time we were in town).

After another 3am bedtime, we were up the next morning to head to the airport. We stopped at Niagra Falls on our way to take some photos and check it out. I'd love to go back sometime and take the tour that goes under the falls. Then it was time to cross the border (where we had far less questions as we were welcomed back into our fine country) and head back to the Buffalo airport.

Steph and I were exhausted, so we settled down to have a sandwich and watch a little football. I had her french braid my hair into two braids like she used to back in our high school days. I wish I knew how to do it to myself. I didn't take it down until last night. I'd love to be able to wear my hair braided for several days at a time more often. I also found it was still just as awesome as ever to run with it braided.

Once we landed in Detroit, I had planned to hang out with Steph at her gate since her flight left before mine, but I saw that there was an earlier flight to Nashville so I took off to try to get on it. I got lucky and managed to get a seat, so I got home 2 hours earlier than planned. I was ecstatic about this because I was SO tired and not interested in hanging around Detroit for 2 extra hours.

All in all, it was another fabulous weekend. We laughed, we talked about the men in our lives, we introduced Amanda to Flight of the Conchords... something was so funny one morning that I had to spit out a sip of Gatorade I'd just had because I was laughing and couldn't get it down. That's what it's like to be with these girls.

I'm super excited that I'll be seeing both of them again very soon. Steph and her husband will be in town next weekend for a wedding, so that means grabbing a meal at some point. Amanda is coming to town next month on vacation and staying with me a few nights before we head to Knoxville for a UT game. I don't usually get to see her twice in one year, so this was really exciting news.

It's a blessing to have so many friends in my life, but these two girls are really special to me. I laugh with them, cry with them, share silly stories with them, ask dumb questions and never feel dumb... we never judge each other for anything. We are always there to help each other out any way that we can. I try really hard to not take that for granted, and I'm always praying I'm able to be as good of a friend to each of them as each is to me. There's really something to be said for having amazing best friends. I'm always reminded of that in a new way when we get together.

I'll post some pictures in the next post. Enjoy!


*aron* said...

what a great weekend!!! i love having girl times like those... glad you had such a great time!

J said...

Sounds like a really fun trip and you get to see those girls again real soon. Having close friends like that is very cool.

Love the pictures!