Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Thursday Night of Yoga

My ankles have been feeling much better, but I still haven't quite gotten rid of this ache in my quad/thigh. My guess is it won't really clear up until I cut back on my mileage, but I can't really do that right now.

Instead of doing a 3-mile run today, I did opt to go to yoga class and work on getting stretched out. It was AMAZING. The teacher had us focusing on our hips, thighs and quads tonight. It was just what I needed.

I did have kind of a funny moment. We were doing a pretty difficult balance pose at one point. Even though my ballet days are several years behind me now, the 16 years worth that I did do kind of have had a lasting affect. My balance can be pretty good. The teacher looked around to see if anyone was doing what she had shown us and spotted me.

"Oh, she's got it!"

Everyone in the class looked at me. I immediately darted my eyes to the floor knowing that if I looked at others I wobble and fall... something you certainly don't want to do when people are staring at you.

Anyways, it'd been a while since I'd been called out in a class for something. It was kind of funny, but it also made me feel good. I'm strong enough and have good enough balance to hold myself in a really awkward position. That says something, right?

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Chris said...

That says a lot! I did my first Pilates class on Wednesday and it was tough. And I couldn't handle yoga at all. So I'm impressed.