Saturday, October 4, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I really do love running.  I almost have to love it if I'm going to be crazy enough to train for marathon after marathon, right?

I did this week's speed workout yesterday.  It's a little odd because I NEVER run on Fridays. Since my 18-miler has been moved to Sunday, I decided to take Thursday off and do my interval training on Friday.

Guess what I decided? I LOVE the gym on Friday afternoons.  There is no one there.  I didn't feel guilty about staying on the treadmill longer than 30 minutes.  I had a great workout, running 6 1/2 mile repeats at a little under a 9:00 m/m pace.  I'd like to do them a little faster than that, but progress takes time.  I've reached the point where I can run 1/4 mile repeats at an 8:30 m/m pace, so maybe I'll get there on the 1/2 miles soon.

In other news, I'm about to have way more magazines than I know what to do with... I LOVE magazines.  I dream of working for a magazine...  I want to do freelance writing and/or editing someday later in life, so I get really excited flipping through magazines and getting ideas. I seriously tear out cool stuff and keep it filed away for reference later.  I know - I'm such a nerd.

Currently, I only subscribe to Runner's World (big surprise there, right?) and Self.  I love sitting down with a new issue and reading it COVER TO COVER because that's the way I read magazines.  It's hard for me to pick one up in a waiting room because I know I won't get to finish it.  It's silly, I know... but once I start an issue, I want to read the whole thing.

I might have to get over this.  My grandmother had a gob of air miles, but since she won't be traveling any more my dad wanted to try to get them transferred to me.  This costs more more than it's worth, so the only other option was to cash them in for magazine subscriptions.

So that's what we did.  I'll now be receiving the following:

  • Entertainment Weekly (a quick read each week, and I'll only read what's interesting)
  • Lucky (it looked like it might be fun to flip through each month)
  • Money (because who can't use some advice about money management?)
  • Conde Nast Traveler (because I love to travel and would love to daydream about places I want to go)
  • Elegant Bride (not that I'm getting married anytime soon, but girls always flip through them at the grocery store as soon as they're old enough to understand weddings... why not have a few copies to peruse and daydream?)
  • Glamour (it's not my favorite, but I flip through it sometimes at the grocery line)
  • Redbook (it was one of the few magazines left that I might have any interest in when I was down to the last few points)
  • Sports Illustrated (because I do like some sports... and it'd be smart to stay brushed up on things)
  • TV Guide (it can never hurt to have one of these around)
  • W (another magazine for women that I've never seen before, but it looked like something I might like to flip through)
  • Time (I'll never read this one cover to cover, but it'll be good to read through things that interest me)
  • Travel + Leisure (again, I like to travel and daydream about doing more of it)
This is way more magazines than I could possibly need, but hey - they're free.  I might as well have some extra stuff around to flip through when I have downtime.


J said...

that is A LOT of magazines! Your are going to be reading for a while!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

You won't be bored anymore with all those free magazines!

Playful Professional said...

Ha. So we'll know why you aren't around for the first couple days of every month huh. I love Self and really want to subscribe to RUnner's world. Just can't get myself to do it yet.

*aron* said...

ohhh fun i love magazines!

hope the 18 was awesome today!

Kristen said...

I love magazines! I do them same thing with my Time and Newsweek.