Friday, October 24, 2008

Gearing up for 22 Miles

There's really no way to prepare for a 22-mile run.

Sure, I need to get my clothes laid out (note to self: wash favorite pair of undies). I need to get the cooler out and make sure I have my water and gatorade bottles made and that there is ice in the freezer. I need to set out my breakfast and my fuel to take with me. I need my fuel belt and a fully charged ipod. I should eat a good dinner and go to bed early.

Past that - there's really no way to prepare for a 22-mile run.

It's going to be long. I'll do 7 miles on my own and then Bob will join me for 15. There will be moments when I'll want to stop. I will try to argue with myself that I should call it a day at 20, but the other side will keep saying that the point is to do 22. I will try to lie to myself about how many miles are left at each turnaround point.

Don't get me wrong. I know I'll feel glad that I did a 22-mile run. In 2 weeks when I do 26(.2), I'll be glad that only 4 miles are "new" miles to my body. I'll be glad I did some slow runs to get my body used to running for how long I want it to run on race day.

That doesn't mean the 22-mile training run sucks any less. Face it. It sucks. And I'm STILL concerned about my right leg that's all achy. I think I might go to the gym and ride the bike for about 30 minutes today. That seemed to help work it out last week and I never felt it during the 20. I guess we'll see what happens.

In other news, I watched Smart People last night with a friend of mine. I thought it was pretty funny, so I'd recommend it. It's not the best movie I've seen lately, but I enjoyed it.

It's pouring here today. This has managed to give me a headache and make me wish I was curled up in my bed all day... instead of balancing the company bank acount (which probably doesn't help the headache any).

(Tomorrow it should be sunny and ranging from 40-60 degrees during my run time. YAY!)

Meanwhile, today is one week until Halloween... which means it's one week until I see the boy again. Yay for that as well! I need to finish getting my costume stuff together this weekend. I'll reveal what we decided to go as after it happens so that I can show you pictures and surprise you!

I'm determined to put up a video blog sometime soon. I missed the 20sb video blog day, but whatever. When I find time, I'll make one and get it up here for you. It's neat getting to see other people's mannerisms and such, so I thought you might like that small joy concerning me as well. I thought about making it tomorrow after the run to show some insight into my training, but letting you guys see me for the first time at my absolute worst doesn't sound appealing. I'll get to it eventually.

I'll feel good tomorrow afternoon. Well, actually my body will be tired and achy... but mentally, I'll be done with all of my long runs that aren't races. It's exciting!


Sarah said...

Goooood luck!

Amy said...

Hey! Just got your comment on my blog! That's awesome that you're running Chickamauga and the Memphis marathons!! (I'm actually considering running the full at memphis, too, but I want to wait and see how things go at chickamauga!).

Good luck on your long run this weekend and I'll definitely be checking back with your blog to see how things are going!

J said...

Good luck on the 22 miler! It will go by so quick! hope the quad feels better soon!

Danica said...

Good luck on the 22 miler! You'll do great, just keep counting down the miles in your head! Before you know it, you'll be at 11 and think, you're half way done!

Jackie said...

Good luck tomorrow!

My husband and I watched Smart People last night too! Kind of strange, but definitely had funny parts!

Oh, and hello from my new mac! I am still getting used to all the differences, but the screen quality is just blowing me away and I am definitely happy!

*aron* said...

hope your run was AWESOME!!! cant wait to read about it :)