Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I had intended on having a Halloween-related post today, but frankly - I just don't have the time. I'm sorry. Come back next week to hear how my Halloween weekend goes and see pictures of me and Andrew. I'm hoping it's going to be legen- wait for it - dary! (A little shout out there to my fellow How I Met Your Mother fans.)

We're holding a seminar here at work today, so I've been spending my day running around like crazy.

Seriously. This morning, I had to get up a little bit early (ew) to make sure I got the rest of my bathroom stuff packed and in the car. I still feel like I'm forgetting something, but hopefully it's something like toothpaste. I'm positive that I've got all of my costume stuff. I tried it all on and made sure every piece got packed.

I stopped at the gas station to get 4 bags of ice on my way to the office. This is not fun when it's 37 degrees out and the sun has hardly risen (yay for falling back this weekend!).

No sooner had I got there with the ice, people started arriving. I made name tags and got lunch orders. I had to take the lunch order to Subway because their fax machine wasn't working (one that clearly had been purchased in 1980 based on how it looked when I saw it).

I was also on picture patrol all day. Then I had to go pick up lunch and stop by the dinner place to pay for it and try to convince them to deliver it since I wouldn't be here to go pick it up. It took a generous tip, but they're delivering when normally they wouldn't have been willing to do so. Score.

I got back with lunch and found that my sandwich was missing. I was glad it was mine and not one of the guests, and I headed back to get it.

The manager started working on it right away, clearly pissing off the people in line. They were talking about not understanding why I got to jump ahead of them. I politely said that I had a large order and got back to find one missing and had to come back. They still gave me dirty looks. Oh well. The manager threw in some free cookies for my trouble. Score.

It turns out that the tablecloths that we ordered with the tables we rented were too small. Fail. I called the rental people who seemed happy to credit our card back for the useless tablecloths. Score.

Food in belly, I took care of ny normal work day stuff and then continued to take picture.

Now, I'm mostly just waiting for it to be time to leave. I'm super excited about my weekend. I've got everything in the trunk ready to go, my dad is going to pick up my cat to take him to stay at their house all weekend, and my ipod is fully charged for the VERY boring drive to Memphis.

Yay! Happy Halloween!


*aron* said...

at least it makes the day go by fast right?!?!

have a great weekend and happy halloween!!!

Danica said...

Gosh reading all that made me tired! Hope it ended okay, and you have a good weekend, can't wait to see your costume!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Have a great weekend!

J said...

I love "How I met your mother"!! Was it even on last monday? I always just DVR it and then watch it later but it didn't tape this week so idk what is going on. I hope i didnt miss an episode.

Sounds like a fun weekend! Have fun!

J said...

I saw a preview for HIMYM last night - theres a new one tonight!! YAY!