Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mile Repeats

I got unbelievably lucky yesterday. As soon as I walked out to my car, the rain stopped and the sky looked more like daytime. I contemplated for a few minutes. Then I drove to the park. I knew I'd run better if I were outside, and I decided to risk it. I figured the worst that could happen would be if another storm rolled in, and since I wasn't going to run too far from my car I decided it'd be ok.

I always hated mile repeats back in my high school cross country days. I found that I'm still not a big fan. They're HARD. I felt determined to do my best, so after a short warm-up I did the first one in 8:53. I knew I could run faster. So I did the second one in 8:11. Dang! I decided to go all out for the last one and finished in 7:58!! My fastest mile ever was when I ran the mile race one time back in my track days... 7:51.

I certainly can't maintain such a pace for a long race, but it felt good to be pushing myself to go faster than normal. All in all, it was a good workout. However, it wasn't long after that I started to feel some aches in my legs. I think I'm going to scale back a lot the rest of the week so that my legs can finish recovering before my half-marathon on Saturday. It's not important to me to run the fastest half ever, but I would like to do well. I know that taking it easy the next few days will help the race and won't hurt my marathon training (especially since I have a 20-miler next week!).

Meanwhile, it started raining around bedtime last night. It. Hasn't. Stopped. I didn't mind so much when I went to bed. I LOVE hearing it as I'm falling asleep as well as if I wake up during the night. What I don't love is trying to get out of bed the next morning. Oh, it was so hard. It looks like nighttime outside, and despite getting 9 hours of sleep I feel sooo groggy. I brought my lunch today so that I don't have to get out in it. I'm also refusing to take the mail to the mailbox. It's just going to have to go out tomorrow. I don't want to get soaked and then be cold in the office.

This weather is certainly making me look forward to staying in tonight. Plans call for a little tv and catching up on my laundry. At this point, I have no clean running clothes. (And no, you wouldn't want to go near the basket where all the dirty ones are sitting!)


Mojito Maven said...

ok, i need some coachin...could you maybe write a post about how you got started in running...i know it was in HS doing CC, but I need more entire life I was a swimmer (read: not a runner) and I so desperately want to run a half marathon but everytime i go outside i can run for like 8 minutes then i feel like I am going to pass out and then the next day my legs are killing me (yet i can run for 45-1 hour on a treadmill) you have any tips for a beginner??

J said...

Great job on the mile repeats! You are improving so much! I can't wait to hear how the half goes this weekend, you are going to kill it!

*aron* said...

WOOO awesome job on the repeats! so happy the rain stopped for you too :)