Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Dr. Pepper

I didn't drink a Dr. Pepper this morning.

I'm sure a lot of people can say the same, but it's significant for me because I drink a Dr. Pepper every morning. It's my usual morning caffeine.

I grew up having no problems having a coke on a regular basis. Even when I started running in high school, I saw no reason to give up having one here and there. I've never felt like drinking one coke a day is particualrly harmful as long as I balanced it with water and such so that I could stay hydrated (since caffeine in any form can be a diuretic). I am personally of the opinion that one 1) diet sodas are worse for you than regular sodas and 2) most things are ok to consume (like sodas) if done in moderation.

I've never felt like I should give up my morning Dr. Pepper. The idea has never crossed my mind as being something that would make a big difference. Sure, 5 sodas over a week may seem like a lot... and it probably would be if I lived a less active lifestyle. I'm not saying that my health wouldn't be positively impacted if I never drank sodas... it would. I'm just saying that the 5 sodas don't have as big of an impact as they would if I drank more, was overweight, was less active, etc.

But I still knew a day would come. Yesterday I got to work. I settled in. I got my ice cold Dr. Pepper and my Kashi breakfast bar (good combo, right?). I made it about halfway through the can (because that's the other key... I only drink the 12-ounce cans and NOT the 20-ounce bottles). I had to throw the rest away. It tasted awful to me... like pure syrup.

So I didn't drink one today.

I'm not saying I'm giving up soft drinks. There are still occasions when I think they're a neccesity - like when I eat pizza. But I think that as I enter these last few peak training weeks my body is trying to say it wants better.

I don't stress over my diet like some runners do. I feel like I eat pretty well. I feel good about the things I put in my body, so I don't feel guilty when I want to indulge in something (like dessert... which I do OFTEN).

However, something feels good about rejecting the morning Dr. Pepper. It feels right.

I don't think it means I won't crave one and enjoy one every now and then. I do love the fizzies as it slides down after each sip. Dr. Pepper is about the only soft drink I enjoy, so I can't imagine that I'll be giving it up completely.

In other news, my Canadian pal Amanda gets into town later today. I'm pretty much going to be a rockstar this week. Not only will I need to get to work while she's here, I also have a 20-mile run to do and we've made plans to go downtown one night. Then, we leave Friday to drive to Knoxville for a weekend with friends and the UT game. That's a lot to cram in over the next 5 days. Sleep is probably only going to be a priority the night before the long run.

Stay tuned for fun stories as we enjoy an extra chance to see each other this year. It's going to be a good rest of the week.


Penny Lane said...

Haha ok, I'm not a huge Dr. Pepper fan, but I can relate to the misery of a day without caffeine.

I cannot function without my caffeine!

J said...

Your body is going into marathon mode and rejecting Dr. Pepper!!! lol just kidding

Have a fun week with your friend and enjoy the 20 mile run!

*aron* said...

GAH i cannot stand dr pepper :) im not a big fan of soda though... coffee thats a diff story. but i have kind of quit drinking it lately too!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I am not a huge Dr. Pepper fan but I also agree, A coke here and there won't kill you!