Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Poor Body

So I've been pretty hard on my body lately, and today it started crying for mercy.

Today I set out for my first run since Friday's 20-miler.  The weather actually resembled fall.  I set out and tried to ignore the ache in my right quad that returned yesterday.  I can't make sense of it... It cleared up on Thursday, I didn't feel it during the run, and then it was a few days post-20 miles that it started aching again.

I got to the halfway mark and did some light stretching since my muscles were warm.  It seemed to help.  I finished the second half faster than the first half, finishing 5 miles with an overall time of 46:57.  I'll take it.  I want my mid-week runs to be easy on my weeks with super long runs like this one.

However, my ankles were also bothering me a bit.  No scary knot like I had on Friday... but enough that I felt like I needed to ice both of them along with my achy quad.  Thus, the above pictures.  Of course, Tucker had to get in on the icing action, too.

I think I'm going to really take it easy the rest of the week and hit up yoga class on Thursday.  I took the Arms and Abs class today after my run to get some good strength training in... my upper body was feeling a little left out.

I knew this week would be tough.  Last week, this week and week after next are my highest mileage training weeks before my marathon in Memphis in December.  I don't want to overdue so I'm trying to take it easy and listen to my body.  These high mileage weeks are always tough and lead to some aches and pain.

Still... I can't wait until after I finish the November 8th marathon because then I can officially start tapering and let my body have several weeks to recover before Memphis.


PS - Yes, I do have on hot pink socks.  I always buy those rainbow pack of socks to have for wearing around the house.  


Mojito Maven said...

OUCH!! oh man, that looks painful! Good for you for getting out there and running but I'm sorry your ankle and quad are acting up!!!! Feel better...you're my source of inspiration so you MUST get better!

Alisa said...

Ouchies! That looks painful...even your kitty looks sad for you.

J said...

I hear on the aches and pains for higher mileage. Its weird - just adding a mile at a time, no big increases and I can feel the difference.

Have fun at yoga. I am sure you can find some ankle strengthening exercises to help your ankles.