Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching up on Tags

I'm a little behind on catching up on some tags.  I thought I'd remedy that right quick (while listening to Kanye's "Love Lockdown" that I just downloaded and am digging).

The lovely Rachel over at History of the Harveys said some super sweet things here when she gave me the Kreativ Blogger award (see it over in the sidebar).  Thanks girl!  Rachel is one of my favorite bloggers to read, and I've been so excited for her recent engagement and wedding planning.

The tag calls for listing 6 things I'm thankful for (in no particular order other than just how they came into my head today), and I find this very fitting since this week is Thanksgiving.

1.  Relationships - The people in my life are the most important thing to me.  Without them, my life would not be fulfilling at all.  I am constantly thankful that I am surrounded by awesome people who care about me and allow me to care about them.  I'm totally relationship-oriented.

2. Health/Body - I am thankful that I am able to run.  It keeps me healthy and provides me with some alone time as well as times to share with other runners.  I love the atmosphere of races and the community of running that I experience.  I am glad that I have something that I can call my own but also share with so many people/

3.  Blogland - Even though you guys and gals 
could fall in the relationship category, too, I felt like you kind of stand alone.  I don't know most of you personally, but your friendships through our blogs means a lot to me.  It's so fun to read your posts and learn new things, find cute things to buy, get new ideas or being inspired in new ways.  I'm always so appreciate of the support, encouragement and kind words that you send my way.  You rock, and I hope that in time I can meet more of you in real life.

4.  My job - I have a great job.  It's even greater in some ways because I had a terrible job before it.  I am thankful to be able to go to work every day with good people and do something I enjoy.  I'm thankful that I am not especially concerned right now about my own job security and finances.

5.  My home - I have a nice little home with heat and a/c and plumbing and plenty of space and a sweet little kitty cat named Tucker.  I want for little, and I know that I am blessed.

6.  Love - This might sound cheesy, but I think that the basis of this life is love.  It's out of love that I can learn to give to other people... whether it's giving money to a non-profit or giving attention to a dear friend.  I am trying to live a life of love, beauty and grace.  I'm thankful to have so many examples of how to do this through my faith and through other people.

I have seen a lot of people do this meme already, so feel free to tag yourself if you haven't done it and would like to do so!

I was also tagged by Missy, one of my sweet sisters from college days.  It calls to go to my fourth picture folder and then the fourth picture in the folder.  Then, write four things about the picture.

This is a picture of Trafalgar Square in London.  
I took this picture when I was there the first time in 2004.  
I LOVE how the clouds look due to the sunset.
It was probably close to 10pm because the sun sets LATE there in the summer.

I've seen a ton of people doing this one, too, so tag yourself if you'd like!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

That picture is awesome!!

Chris said...

I loved this: "I am trying to live a life of love, beauty and grace." So sweet. I think you're doing a great job.

Love to Run said...

Being new to the world of blogging, I am unaware of some of the terminolgy like "Tags". Maybe I will google Blog terms and catch up and maybe I will just follow your lead and put a Tag on my site.

I love the picture of Trafalgar Square. I was there in April 2001 to visit friends. Brings back many memories. Thanks for a great blog to read!