Friday, November 14, 2008

Check This Out...

I was selected to be this week's Pace Setter over at Twenty Six Point Two. You can find the post about me here.

I discovered this blog about a month ago and have been loving it as I read about April and Amy's adventures in running. Both gals live pretty close to me and run in some of the same races, so maybe I'll get to meet them at some race in the future. For now, I love reading their anecdotes and race reports. Check them out!

I was certainly honored to be selected as this week's pace setter. Thanks gals!


J said...

Very cool! I will check that out!

*aron* said...

oh that is so fun!! there are so cute pics on there too :) love the one with the arms in the air!

have a great weekend!

Zandria said...

50 marathons before you're 50! What a goal. Very cool! :)

That's quite an in-depth interview. Way to go! :)