Monday, November 17, 2008

I Had An Owie

I lost my weekend. Seriously... it came and went, and I never saw it.

Friday night I climbed into bed at a decent time to get some sleep before heading out for my first run since last weekend's marathon. I intended to meet up with Bob at his 10-mile mark and do 8 miles. I found him, and the first four miles went just fine.

Well, my left ankle is still feeling a little sore. This does NOT please me. I have some runs I need to do over these next 3 weeks, not to mention a MARATHON to run. A sore ankle is not going to be helpful. Bob was feeling pretty beat so we decided to walk the four miles back to the parking lot. I probably could have run more than 4 miles, but I figured that a little extra rest for the sore ankle couldn't hurt. Plus, it was Bob's birthday... so I wasn't going to leave him to walk the four miles back alone.

By the time we got back to the cars, we'd decided a little trip to Waffle House was in order. Cheese eggs. Bacon. Hashbrowns. Raisin toast. Oh, it was delicious! My head was hurting a little, so I popped some Advil and headed home.

By the time I got out of the shower, I couldn't see straight. My head was pounding. My neck hurt. Pieces of my vision were blacked out. Even my eyeballs hurt. I felt a little scared, but I wondered if maybe I was just dizzy. I climbed into my bed to take it easy, but within an hour the pain was so terrible that I felt like I couldn't find any position to be in that would relieve the pain.

I decided I might need to take some more Advil, but by the time I made it down the hallway I had to sit down again in an effort to not throw up. I crawled back to bed and did what any smart girl who doesn't have a husband or a roommate would do... I called my mom.

I was in tears by this point because it hurt so bad, and let me tell you - that's not common for me. I don't usually get so worked up over not feeling well, but I was in sheer agony. My mom immediately knew I had a migraine, even though I have never had one before. She used to have them and knew immediately that it was the problem when I described everything. I have to admit, it really helped for her to be able to go, "Oh, you've got a migraine!" It didn't make it hurt less, but I did quit having visions of Grey's Anatomy episodes about brain tumors.

She came and got me (and my cat, ha) and took me home with her. She still had some medicine from when she got migraines, so I was soon settled and feeling a bit of relief. I ended up staying in bed from about 1pm to 9pm.

I finally felt ok enough to move to the couch and watch some tv before going back to bed. My mom told me that Tucker stayed in the bedroom with me pretty much the whole time I was back there. Usually when I take him over there he likes to run around and play with my parent's cat, but she said he stayed glued to the foot of the bed I was in all day. I like to think it means he knew I didn't feel well and that staying in there was his way of taking care of me. :)

I felt a lot better on Sunday, but my head still felt a little achy. I took it easy and got some mroe sleep. Today the top of my head feels sore, and it REALLY hurts when I sneeze. I still feel really drained and like I could sleep more, but for the most part I feel like myself again. I still won't be running again until tomorrow. I think my head and my ankle could use the extra rest day.

I hope that this doesn't mean I'm going to start getting regular migraines. It definitely knocked me out for most of the weekend, and I have to say that the only pain I've ever felt that hurt worse was when my appendix perforated and had to be removed. I like to think that I'm pretty tough, but this was certainly the kind of pain that I couldn't just tough out. Migraines could definitely put a damper on running a marathon... Here's to hoping that they don't interefere again until I get this next one behind me in a few weeks!


*aron* said...

AHHH you poor thing :( i have had 2 migraines and they are NOT fun at all. my mom gets them constantly too (like at least once a month) as well as one of my best friends. they are not fun to deal with at all. sooo nice you had your mom close and she could take care of you. i hope you feel better soon and i hope that was the first and last one!

also when i got my wisdom teeth out my cats didnt leave my side for all 4 days i was in bed :) kitties are the best when you aren't feeling well.

J said...

OMG that stinks - I am glad that you feel better though. I have never had a migraine and I hope I never get one!

I love cats and how they know when you are sick or feeling blue and are usually there to comfort you! My cat is very similar to yours!

Rachel Ann said...

I'm sorry you lost your weekend in such a terrible way. It's really sweet that your cat got to come with you though. My parent's cat will never jump on their bed unless my mother is sick and then he'll sleep with her all day long. So sweet.

Chris said...

I started getting migraines after my freshman year of college and they are NOT FUN. I'm so sorry. :(

carla said...

never had one...are you 100% better today?!

Danica said...

I've had a migrane before, and they KILL, sorry you had to go through that whole thing. I hope you feel better soon.

Hope you can get back to running soon!

Sarah said...

Oh poor thing! I have had three migraines in my whole life and they SUUUUCK. Hopefully it was a one-time thing.

The Davis Family said...

Oh Melanie! I have never experienced a migraine, but they run in my family. I am praying that I don't inherit them. And I hope you don't ever have another one. Sounded nasty!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Poor thing! I get migraines on a monthly basis and have since I was 12. I have medicine for mine bc they get so bad i throw up blood! I hope you get to feeling better!

Shoe Running said...

Tucker sitting with you the whole time is the sweetest thing in the world! Awe :) I'm sorry you had to go through that! Ick, ick! I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious though. I hope you stay a-ok!

Rachel H. said...

I left you something on my blog!!