Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 1 on Crutches


So when I got home from work yesterday, I took my crutches for a little spin down the hall way. I found that I can't go very quickly or else I start to lose my balance, and Tucker is a little unsure about them. He arched his back and took off away from me. He better get over it, because I'm not going to put up with a kitty cat who won't come near his mom for the next month.

I soon retired to the computer to do lots more research on stress fractures than I had done in the days proceeding finding out that I did indeed have one. I had been reading Frayed Laces for several months now, but when all this started going on I went and read all of her archives from this time last year when she suffered a broken pelvis. This weekend, almost exactly a year later, she qualified for her first Boston Marathon. I'm SO excited for her! I've kind of connected with her a bit and have found that reading about her injury and about what she's doing now to be really encouraging. I WILL bounce back from this. I WILL be stronger than I was before. I WILL recover and get back to running and start bloing PR's out of the water.

All of your comments the past few days have continued to mean so much to me. I am so thankful to be part of the running blogger community. Thanks for sharing with me in this somewhat low and depressing place that I'm in. I'm trying really hard to start finding the bright side, but I've still been a little blue.

I did find out that women are far more likely than men to get a stress fracture. Not only that, but it's really unusual to get one anywhere in the hip/pelvis area. Most fractures in this area occur because of a fall, running into something, or landing badly on an uneven surface. When I found that last tidbit, I immediately thought of the Battlefield Marathon's very uneven surfaces and wondered if something happened there. I also read that fractures in such a place can indicate problems with nturition. I fully intend to check into that and see if I need to make some changes. All in all, running probably didn't help, but it wasn't necessarily just the fault of my running.

My parents took me for dinner at Demos' in an attempt to cheer me up. I'll certainly take a steak, potato and Reese's pie as a bribe to cheer up any day. I then settled on the couch for a couple of hours of quality television (ummm, does anyone else watch Dirty Sexy Money? It's one of the few things I watch week and last night? OMG. I can't stand the suspense.)

My first day at work on the crutches has been ok. I've probably been up 3 times all day. Thank goodness for my rolling chair and the "scoonge." (That was for you, Danielle.)

I can't pull orders like I usually do, so I'll have to rely on someone else to do that for me for the next few weeks. Other than that, I can manage to stay in my chair all day. I mean, I normally like to get up and walk around, but I'm just going to stick with taking it easy in the chair.

The crutches hurt my armpits. And the palms of my hands. It's certainly going to take some getting used to. I need to figure out a better way to get in and out of the door at my house. I haven't mastered that one yet. I also plan to see how many things I can carry in my mouth or kick down the hall way with a crutch. I thought earlier today about how I need to do some laundry tonight, but I'm going to have to be creative with the logistics.

I'm totally going to decorate the crutches this weekend for Christmas. I might as well be festive, right? They'll be coming along with me to a LOT of Christmas gatherings. I suppose it'll be kind of fun to be a little pampered. I already have visions of staying in my chair at the gatherings and having someone make a plate and bring it to me.

In all actuality, I'm terrifically independent. It's kind of hard to feel like I'm going to have to depend on other people so much the next few weeks. I'm sure I'll get adjusted to the crutches, but there's still going to be a lot I can't do. I'm having a party at my house this weekend, and my mom is going to have to come help me set up and my sister is going to have to help let people in and out and get things out when needed, etc.

I'm taking suggestions on things you'd like to see me try on crutches. I'll have to be out and about a good bit because of the holidays. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to cancel my trip to see my best friend in Chicago after Christmas. I just can't fathom a way to safely get around an icy big city on crutches. All it owuld take is one fall and I could displace my bone and need surgery. Ew.

Thanks for the love and support. I think once I have a little more time to adjust I'll be back to my normal self again. I just need a little more time to complain and be frustrated.

But don't worry. I'm already thinking about the timeline for healing and how soon I might be ready to run and what my 2009 race schedule can look like. I doubt I'll be running a marathon any time in the next few months, but maybe it's time to try to kill my 5K and half-marathon PR. I'm running Chicago in October, so I don't need to start training for it for a while. Maybe some shorter races will be on the agenda after I'm all healed up.

This means I'll be drooling over training plans the next couple of months. If you have any you'd recommend for the 5K, 10K, and Half distance, I'd love to look. I've got all the time in the world to pick out some great ones to start on when I can run again.

By the way, not running? Sucks.

Ok, that's all for today. I'm venturing out for a Christmas dinner tonight at Mercy Ministries where I do volunteer work. It's mostly just a dinner, so I've just got to get myself in and out. It'll be a good warm up for parties.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Hang in there! I remember when I was on crutches it sucked. But this too shall pass!

Jackie said...

You should rubberband some towels around the armpits and hand holders (?). It might help a little with the soreness! Maybe if you have some red and green or some Christmas they could be part of your decorations :)

*aron* said...

hang in there girlie!! wont be long and you will be off those things. i hope it flies by... and with the holidays, etc i am sure it will.

and i have zero doubt that you WILL bounce back stronger than ever :)

Mojito Maven said...

Hang in there!! It can only get better from here but I know how frustrated you must be! *HUGS*

Running and living said...

HI Melanie,
I, too, had not one, but 2 stress fractures. They were small, and I did not need crutches, but the time off from running (6 weeks for each) was very difficult. Do not feel any kind of guilt about this, you are an innocent bystander. You are correct, hip and pelvis stress fractures are very uncommon. It is still scary that I do not know why I developed 2 of them. I did not overtrain, undereat, and I am still struggling to accept that running injuries are real and perhaps they add to why we love running so much - not everyone can do it.

You are going to get through this. For me, it helped to stay busy, emerged myself in work and family and hobbies. Time will fly bye and yolu will be running soon! Ana

The Laminator said...

Hey Melanie...

First of all, thanks for saying hi and leaving such an encouraging comment.

Secondly, so sorry to hear about your pelvic fracture. It's not good to get fractures of any kind, but pelvic fractures are especially debilitating becauee there are a lot of muscles there that are important for a lot of bodily functions. Also, you need a stable pelvis to be able to run, so it's important for that too.

F.L. has been telling me about you and I think it's great that she's been able a source of encouragement for you as you recover through your injury. Since she has personal experience with all that you're going through, she will be able to help you out a lot. She basically knows all there is to know about dealing with and recovering from this since I went through this with her last year so work through it with her.

If there are any additional questions or concerns you have even after addressing it with her, then let me know and I'll try to help in any way I can.

Most importantly, keep your spirits up. Yes, there is a lot to deal with and the recovery process seems long, but as you know, there's no reason to doubt that you won't come back better and stronger than ever.

We all look forward to a speedy recovery from you! Best of luck!

Frayed Laces said...

Hi Girlie---hope you're doing better today. Day by day---thats what you must do now. And a suggestion for the palms---get cycling gloves. They have padded palm areas and may help relieve the pressure. I also had a giant saclike purse I would sling around my neck. That way I could carry things around the house. To do laundry I would put the basket on top of a rolling chain and push the chair around. You'll get creative with time.

Chic Runner said...

Hang in there! you can do it, gosh I know how frusterated you must be... try to pull the sympathy card! :)

Love to Run said...

Hey Melanie, Good luck with the crutches. I have never needed them so I don't really know what it is like but I bet it really sucks. So I have no ideas on how to help you there. Your attitude is wonderful though and you will recover in no time. I love the idea of decorating your crutches, very creative and I have never seen that. Have you thought of putting Christmas lights on them? I have some battery powered lights that could work that way. I haven't used them in years so if you are interested, I could pass them your way.

Take it easy now!