Monday, December 22, 2008


It happened last night. I had my first dream about running. Oddly enough, it was on a track. I haven't been on a track in ages aside from a few races that finish on a track.

Here I was... stretching, warming up... Then I headed over and took off around the track. I was FAST. As in, way faster than I am in real life. I'd never run so fast before. I was smiling. I felt great!

Then I woke up, and I felt sad. Then I rolled over, and I felt pain. My left arm is still giving me trouble. It hurts between my elbow and wrist any time I put weight on it now. I think I just put too much weight on it when using the crutches at first, and it hasn't recovered yet. It figures that in trying to heal one injury I would inflict another. Oh well. A sore left arm is just annoying and not really something that keeps me from much of anything.

Our 70-degree weather was short lived. Today, after spending way longer than necessary getting out of my back door (something I still haven't perfected), I was hit by a lot of wind. It was 9 degrees. 9!!! Single digit. That's not super common around here. Global warming, my foot. Snow in Las Vegas? Record lows throughout the nation? There's no doubt in my mind about how some of the things we do have a negative effect on our planet, sure, but I think stuff like this is a good little reminder that God is kind of in control of our weather regardless of what we think we might be able to do to change the weather. (I know some people will disagree... this is just MY belief. To each his or her own...) All this to say... you folks in the north? I don't know how you do it.

I owe you a post about my weekend. I hadn't had a chance to get photos uploaded yet, and it will be better if I can share them so you can see what I did to my crutches before the parties I went to this weekend.

Though I still find myself having moments of sadness and a little depression over the injury, I'm trying to stay positive. I put all my running stuff away (mostly in an effort to not trip over it all), but I've still been wearing my cotton race shirts a lot. I don't want to forget I'm a runner. I may be out for a while, but I'm a runner.

I am also determined to get a lot done on my race scrapbook after Christmas. I printed off all my race pictures ages ago and collected them with my number and brochures and stuff. I've just been so busy that I've never actually started the album. I've only done 15 races or so since I first started running marathons in 2005, so I am hopeful it won't take me too long to catch up. I'd love to get this book done before I start running again so that then I can just keep it up to date after each race. Running is such a big part of me, and I think it'll be great to have an album to reflect on all my races any time I need to remember where running has taken me.

My posting may or may not slow down a bit over the coming week or two. I won't be working for about 6 days (we close for the holidays, yay!).

Stay tuned for more. I promise I'll fill you in on the weekend and share some fun pics as soon as I have a chance to get the photos together.


Love to Run said...


You are a runner and will always be one, no matter what you are physially able to do or not do. Once a runner, always a runner.

Merry Christmas to you, your family, and all your loved ones. And the same to all the rest of you in runner blog land. Let Christ's Light Shine!

Sharon said...

I agree, Melanie! You ARE definitely a runner! I know the feeling, though because I've felt it a lot this past week. We WILL run again and we will be better than ever!!

Thanks for the email-I will email you later tonight or tomorrow morning. My family is picking me up in about 10 minutes for a Christmas party tonight. I may get back a little late so I may not have a chance tonight. Have a great night and let's keep our positive thoughts- I'll help you and you've definitely helped me!! Many hugs to you :-)

*aron* said...

hang in there girl!!! you are getting closer to no crutches - wont be long now!

littlesack said...

Just found your blog--Sorry to read that you are hurt (I wasn't able to find what happened). But, like everyone else said--once a runner, always a runner. Being sidelined for a while is always troublesome, but it happens to the best of us.

Ps- was that your first running dream, like ever?! I have them all the time and they are awful. I always feel like I am running in water and I am sooo slow and I can never get anywhere (I'm also usually playing soccer and can never get to the ball). So, at least you were fast in yours!

Frayed Laces said...

Oops. forgot to warn you about the dreams. Get used to em..they'll be around for awhile.

J said...

I was planning on working on my scrapbook this break too! I don't have a race one but I would be interested to hear about yours! I did one for my 4 years of bball and then just regular stuff from the years!

Keep the positive attitude, everything will work out!