Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Runners!

The USATF changed the rule about headphones! Read the articles here and here.

I am MUCH happier with the new rule. I know that most runners have an opinion about using headphones during a race, and I know some of those opinions are different from mine.

But I don't see any reason why non-elite runners can't run with headphones during a race. I know the arguments... but I have never been in a race where I have seen someone having headphones to cause a problem. I'd say most (and I do say most, not all) runners are smart and considerate enough to leave the volume low enough so that they can still know what's going on.

I'm not going to lie... I broke the rule in a few races. In particular, I used my headphones when I walked the Memphis Half. I mean, I was walking for crying out loud. Not only would I have been bored out of my mind if I didn't have music, I was also really aware of everything around me.

I'm glad to know that it is now at the race director's discretion. I know there will still be some races that won't allow headphones, but a lot of the smaller races I run here at home might not worry about them as much now that it's not a rule they HAVE to enforce (although I wore mine in a lot of race because the rule wasn't enforced... so I guess those race director's had already decided they weren't going to worry about it much other than to just tell people it was supposed to be the rule).

Anyways, I am pleased. I had heard the rule would likely be amended this year at the USATF meeting, and I'm really glad that they changed it to allow the choice to be made by race directors. I like wearing my music in some races, so I'm glad to know that there's more of a chance now that I won't be a rulebreaker if I do.

(And yes, I just admitted that I've broken the rule before. I'm such a rebel.)


Running and living said...

I am glad about this development. Although I can't race with music - for some reason, it breaks my concentration - I have lots of friends who have a tough time running races without music. Ana-Maria

Chic Runner said...

Ah thanks for sharing this. I cannot race without music, and I'm super glad they are considering changing it! :)

Love to Run said...

REBEL!!! You are such a REBEL!!!
Now what are you going to do to break the rules? Start in the 7:00 minute pace starting area instead of the 9:00 area? Perhaps you will be taking 2 water cups at the water station on a hot day instead of just 1? Taking 2 bananas at the finish area? Do you have any dignity left?!?!?!

Playful Professional said...

Honestly I really can't run 3 miles without music let alone 13 so I break the rules. Oops.

J said...

Well thats good they changed it. At least now the race directors can decide based on race location and such! Merry Christmas

Marathon Maritza said...

I cheat and run with headphones every time so hurray!

Happy Holidays to you!

aron said...

ohhh this is good news! even though i have run with them every race anyways :)

have a VERY merry Christmas Melanie!!!

Laura said...

I too am SO excited about this rule change! Now I don't HAVE to be a rebel :)

Kristen said...

This is exciting! I have broken this rule so many times. I have to have music when I run.

Also, thanks for the info on the "first marathoner book." I am going to check it out this week.