Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On My Mind Today

Last night, I finally started taking down my Christmas decorations. Hear me out... I was on crutches until Wednesday. With my new mobility, I wanted to have some fun, and taking down decorations is not fun. Instead, I went to see Bride Wars on Friday night with a friend, my mom and my sister. Super cute movie! I rarely go pay the $9 to see one in the theater, but I love both Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson so I just had to splurge. Anyways, I got everything put away except for the tree. I'm saving that one for another evening when I have new energy. Eventually, I need to clean my house since I haven't done so since before the crutches.

I also attempted shopping for jeans on Sunday. This ended up not being fun. Over the course of several shopping trips the past two month, I have determined that I cannot buy jeans at the following locations: The Limited (which is where I used to get them but they no longer have a style that fits me right), Old Navy, American Eagle, Delia's, AĆ©ropostale, Kohl's, Goody's, Express, NY & Co., and Target. I'm going to have to break down and start looking at the more expensive ones. I don't mind the idea of paying a lot for one pair of jeans if I can find a pair that fit me exactly the way I want them to fit. I can get by a bit longer without buying new ones, but eventually I need to find some that fit. My biggest problem? They usually fit everywhere except the waist... and then they look like they fit in the front, but they have a terrible gape in the back that I can usually stick both my fists in. A belt wouldn't help because then it'll just cause a bunch of wadded denim in the back. Grrr... I really hate shopping for pants.

I have about $50 in gift cards at Target. I wandered around the other day and didn't see anything I just had to have. I don't want to waste it on stuff I don't really need. I'm thinking I might hang on to them and buy myself a Wii for my birthday (which is 4 months away, so I may buy it early). As usual, I have to mull over such a large purchase for at least a month or two. It's just the way I roll when something costs more than $100.

I have yet to make it to the pool, but I did buy some swim goggles this past weekend so I'm set. I can't wait to start being active again! I get to start running Feb. 4th, so I'm also looking forward to that. I'm hoping swimming will help me get some fitness back before I start back with more lower body stuff. I also want to get to Arms & Abs over the next few weeks so I can build some core and upper body strength up again, too!

Tonight... and I know this is going to make some people laugh... I'm going to a Celine Dion concert. My sister and I knew how much our mom wanted to go, so we surprised her on Christmas morning with tickets. Granted, we'll be in the nose bleed section and probably watch the video screens if we really want to see things, but it should be a good time. I used to dance, so I always enjoy a good show where there's lots of dancing like what she's supposed to have. Report to come tomorrow.

I'm still working on those 2009 goals to post in time. I realize it's taking me the first month of the year to plan the year, but January doesn't really count in my opinion. It's such a blah sort of month, don't you think? :)


Sarah said...

My absolute favorite jeans (which are expensive but you can usually find them much cheaper on Ebay!) are Citizens of Humanity Faye jeans. They stretch and are as comfortable as PJs but they still can look nice enough for work/going out.

No comment on Celine Dion :)

J said...

I have wanted to Bride Wars but I rarely ever get to the theater! maybe when it comes out on DVD! I played Wii for the first time over Christmas and it is awesome! i want a Wii fit now!

Mojito Maven said...

ok I totally have the same problem when it come to jeans! I have a tiny waist so the jeans always fit in the butt and thigh area but NEVER at the waist. Finally i just threw my hands up and bought the ones that gape in the back!

Rachel Ann said...

I love Gap Long and Lean and I also love J Crew jeans. The J Crews are available on ebay. I have the same problem with the gap in the waist and I find that J Crew clothes tend to have less of that on me. Happy searching!

ecrunner said...

Loved Bride Wars! They are absolutely
picture perfect together! They are my two fav actresses as well and I was very happy to see them together up on the screen!

aron said...

sounds like you have been having fun!!

i am ALL about the more expensive jeans... there is nothing like them :) they are the one thing i will really splurge on so if you need any suggestions definitely let me know :)

Chris said...

We FINALLY got around to boxing all the xmas stuff this week. I think that's my least favorite part about January, putting away Christmas.