Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Police on the Street

I'm going to reveal a glimpse of what it's like to have a HUGE extended family, most of which live within a 20-mile (or smaller) radius, in this post.

Tonight I went and had dinner with my folks, and then I stuck around to watch LOST with them (oh my gosh, so many questions!) I headed back to my place.  It's true that I don't live very far from them, and for now that works.

I get to my street and start to turn on it when I realize that just past my driveway are 6 police cars, one firetruck, and one ambulance.  There's a sharp curve just a few houses down from mine on to another street.  I couldn't see any sort of car accident, but it was obvious something had gone down on the corner.

I was somewhat cautious as I got out of my car, even though I was a good ways away and the security light came on when I pulled up.  It was eerily quiet.  Even though all the vehicles had their lights on, there didn't seem to be much commotion.

I come into the house, and I call my dad.  As it so happens, I'm living in my dad's parent's house.  His aunt and uncle live down the street, and one of their sons lives across from me and the other son lives on one side of me. So yes, that means there are four houses on my street with people who are related.

My dad's cousins are both on the rescue squad, and I had noticed that the one next door had his front door open.  I knew he'd know what the heck was going on, so my dad called him to get the scoop.

Turns out: dad's cousin heard a loud boom, he went to check it out and two kids jumped in a car and took off.  Dad's cousin gets in his car and follows them.  He also calls the police.  The police catch them in the next town (which isn't really as far as it might sound) and bring them back here.

Apparently, they saw on the news last night how people were making small bombs.  They decided to give it a whirl and set one off in the road a while ago.  (Mind you, this isn't a heavily traveled road and we ARE in the south where such things as setting off explosives in the road isn't really as scary as it might sound.)  Of course, these kids were just playing around... but anytime you make a bomb, even it's small, you're probably asking for trouble.

I have to admit, it's nice to have all these connections so that I can know what's up.  A few months ago my power went out for hours, and I was able to eventually find out that a woman had run into a main power box a few blocks over.  Of course, my dad said he didn't call his cousin so much to satisfy my curiosity tonight as much as to make sure I was safe.  He said he just wanted to make sure no one was wandering around the neighborhood with a gun or anything.  Hmmm.... I guess my mind doesn't naturally go to such things.

My only real problem with the situation here is that the kids got the idea from the news.  Even with a journalism degree, I still find myself to consistently find more reasons why I'm not supportive of our culture's media.  I just don't think we need to know every thing every minute of the day.  Not that I really believe the media tells us everything, but geez... sometimes I think the media just gives people ideas and creates just as many problems as it solves.  But that's just me... and my opinion after four years in university and 3.5 years since to further form my opinions.

Anyways, the lighter point here is: DANG.  Do I live in small town America or what?  I think that's what I love about Nashville.  I can get the feel of a big city at times, but I can still enjoy how quaint it can be to live somewhere with a small-town feel.


Rachel H. said...

Wow...making a small bomb? That's crazy?! I live half an hour away from mine, and it's the perfect distance for now too.

Rachel Ann said...

I totally agree with you about sensationalized, cable news media outlets.

I was always jealous of kids growing up who lived near their extended families. I think it is so cool!