Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting Work Day

I've been having an interesting day at work.
  • I received the Comcast bill for our internet, and it showed we didn't pay last month and charged us a late fee. I called the bank and got proof that the check did clear. I had mailed it on Jan. 28. It was due Feb. 1. It was only going from Nashville to Atlanta, so they should have had it on the 30th, leaving 2 days until the due date. I called and they said they did post the payment, but it wasn't until Feb. 9, thus the late fee. I told them I didn't think I should have to pay a late fee just because they posted it late. She said they post them as soon as they receive them. I said I mailed it the 28th and can't fathom how they didn't get it until the 9th. She credited the late fee. This was wise. I would have put up a bigger fight. Oh, and I also found that if you just keep hitting 0 over and over when you call their customer service, you get through to a real person a lot more quickly.
  • A guy came in and tracked mud all over the place. Our cleaning guy doesn't come until Monday. I've opted to leave them for him since that's what we pay him for. And we won't have any customers in here before next week to see it. But really... I've never seen so much mud on someone's shoes.
  • One of our customers received some product from us that was damaged. The box was completely intact, so that rules out UPS inflicting major damage. My boss and I both know it's because the company we buy the items from does not package the product sufficiently because they are cheapskates. I emailed our rep to ask him to send replacements, and he writes back saying they've been sending a lot of replacements to this one customer and what's up with that? So I politely write back it's one of our oldest and best customers who buy a LOT from us, and lately they're the only ones we've been shipping this product to. I also said I don't doubt their honesty and integrity and that I believe the items are not packaged in a way to prevent damage. I then asked again when the replacements will be sent. I'm not offended that he questioned me, but I mean, when you don't package your products appropriately, don't be surprised when you keep getting calls that they're damaged. (Meanwhile, this particular vendor gives me more headaches than any other vendor we buy from... so I'm not really surprised.)

Meanwhile, it was pouring down rain last night when I went to sleep. I love when that happens. I woke up once around 2am and it was still coming down. Tucker was all cozied up next to me keeping me warm. I really think that's the perfect way to sleep... rain outside, someone keeping you warm in bed. (And yes, I know a man would be better than a cat, but I'm not taking for granted why I've got for the time being.)

It was still rainy this morning, but now the sun has come out and it is WARM. I'm talking 68 degrees. I think I might have to sneak outside for a bit after I ship orders.

I'm happy today. I've got Pandora playing the good stuff, and I've got a smile on my face. I've got a lot to look forward to right now, and that's certainly a good feeling.


Love to Run said...

You being happy makes me a little more happy as well. :)

peachy perspective said...

Point #3 - get a better vendor! If they don't take pride in their work and get mad about it, tell 'em you're going with people who do!

Sharneysrun said...

Enjoy the 68 degrees while you can! It's cold & snowing here in Chicago!

I love sleeping in a rainstorm all cuddled up with my puppy (and my husband, too!) It is so comforting and relaxing!

So glad you're so happy! You deserve it :-)

Nicole said...

I love when it rains like that! IT makes my sleep so much better! Please send 68 degrees to MI, its freezing here! Pandora? I want one!

Marathon Maritza said...

I love the spirit of this talked about some not-so-fun stuff at work, but ended it so appreciative of the simple pleasure in life: sunshine, cozy kitties, good tunes. Yay!

P.S. I heart Pandora too!

Steve Stenzel said...

Dang. Comcast sucks. Good to know about the "0" thing...


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a great way to fall asleep with your fury animal in the rain. It is my favorite way to sleep too!