Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Need Some Training Plan Help

Today the "running after an injury" training plan calls for walking 3 minutes, running 7 minutes and then repeating it twice more. I'm actually still pretty sore from yoga on Sunday, so I'm hopeful the running will help work out the kinks. My guess is since it's only run 3 for me since recovering that it will leave me more sore. Ah, the price we pay... I'm hoping to spend a little time on a bike after I run. I know it's important I do other things to build my strength and fitness back up.

It's hard for me to not drool a bit over some of your blog posts. You people are out there running all sorts of crazy long runs and getting ready for races in the next few weeks... and I. am. so. jealous.

Don't get me wrong. It feels GREAT to be able to run a little bit again. And I'm not about to go crazy and try to do too much too fast. But I still can't help but feel a little left out. I know I need to give it a few weeks to see how things go before I even start plotting to run a 5K.

I'm also trying to remind myself that I should use my free time right now to do some research. I'm going to need a good training plan to start come May to get ready for the Chicago marathon. This is where you come in: What training plan have you used and loved? I've tried a different one with all 4 of my marathons... I don't like to get bored. There's one that I used that was a spin-off of the FIRST plan that I did exceptionally well with and could go back to, but I'm curious what all of you have known and loved.

Send me the link if there's one online you thought was great, or just tell me where I can find the one you used. I'm determined to really read up on this and find one that will not only be a good fit for my life but that is also one that will help me improve my marathon time. I'm determined to do the work to get my time down. I'm currently sitting on a 4:31:23 PR, and I'd LOVE to hit 4:15 in Chicago (though we all know that deep down I'd love to break the 4-hour mark).

If you're willing to take a few minutes to share what's worked for you, I'd certainly be appreciative.


Eric said...


I used this one http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-244--6946-4-3X5X7-4,00.html the advance for my last race at NYC Marathon and it works at least for me and so far my girl friend is doing something similar but reduce in distance for her first 1/2 and is working.
Other things to have in mind the total mileage you want or are able to do. try to at least two 20 miler and one of 22 or 23(this one at least 6 weeks before the race) have that in mind.
For breaking the 4 hour barrier have this in perspective you have to be able run 4 straight 10ks around 56 minutes plus 2 more km or 5 laps to the track

So having that in mind think about breaking 50 on a 10k between June and July and you will be ready for your ultimate goal of breaking the 4 hours hope this help if you need more advice let me know

aron said...

well you know what plan i love :)

i definitely think you will find a good one for chicago, especially if you are starting to look now. maybe make a list of the things that are important to you (how many days a week do you want to run, etc) and then go from there to see what your options are. there are so many plans out there that it comes down to your preference and knowing your body.

that being said i do love pfitz and am using it again :) it's definitely challenging but i think it works!

Chic Runner said...

I used the runners world training plan for my half and it worked really well, but as for right now I got one of my friends who is a rediculous runner and good guy make a plan tailored to me and what I wanted to do. It's super helpful and I feel like it will work better for me.

Nicole said...

Your gonna run the chicago marathon?!? ME TOO!!! I need a training plan as well!!! Do you have facebook?

Sarah said...

I've heard that the Triathlon Training Bible is an AMAZING book for its running content, even if you aren't interested in racing a tri.

It would probably also help w/ your swimming!

Hang in there, lady. You will be running marathons in no time :)

Tipp said...


Yes! That was me! So crazy!! I saw your name tag and thought Nah!! It is such a small world!!

I would love to get more involved with Mercy, I would love to chat with you more about it!!

Running and living said...

I am very happy with the FIRST plan. My body can't handle more than 3-4 runs a week - had 2 stress fractures in the past - and since using this plan I have been so happy and injury free. The plan calls for 3 runs - speed, tempo, long - and 2 crosstraining days (I do 3, swimX2, and bike). This combo has made me stronger and faster than ever. I look forward to all the workouts. They ballance my body (e.g., running works hamstrings, biking quads, swimming streches the muscles and builds my upper body and endurance). I am running my first marathon in April, training for a 3:40, so I'll have some proof as to whether the program works after the race.
You can read more about the plan at this link, but ultimately you would have to buy the book.