Thursday, February 26, 2009

On My Constant State of Soreness

Getting back in shape is tough. I knew it would be, but DANG. My whole body perpetually hurts these days.

I ran 30 minutes straight yesterday for the first time since November. I took it at a much slower pace than I'm used to, but I knew I had to if I wanted to run longer. I'm still trying to be really careful to not increase anything too much at once. It felt good to run for that long again!

I've also had two days this week I couldn't get to the gym, so I used the Shred DVD both days. The second time I decided that since I had tried Level 1 3 times and it hadn't been SO bad that I should try Level 2. Oh. My. Goodness.

It was hard! I got really sweaty! I was even more sore the day after than I am after Level 1! Needless to say, I think I'm going to stick with Level 1 a little longer until I can do it without being incredibly sore the next day. My core is still so weak, and my legs could use the extra help as well. I can definitely feel it working, and I think using it will be a good way to regain some of my overall strength as I keep building up my running.

Today? I'm taking it easy on the bike. I have still felt so tired from the weekend, and working out definitely wears me out more right now than it does when I'm in really good shape. I feel like I could take a nap right here at my desk! I know I am going to be so thankful when I can get back out there and log 5 miles after work and still feel great for the rest of the day.

I have definitely identified that my game plan needs to be to work on strength and flexibility a lot until I can do heavier mileage. I know it'll be so helpful for my running when I can run more again, but more than that I know it'll make everything easier. My hamstrings right now are SO tight... I need to get my butt to yoga this week since I didn't make it last week.

A special shout out to some of my new readers! Thanks for stopping by. Today's post is a bit fluff, but I promise I have more to say other times.

And I was surprised only one person noticed my Sufjan Stevens reference yesterday... or maybe some of you did and didn't say anything. Regardless, if you don't listen to his tunes, you should!


Chic Runner said...

I didn't even realize I was out of shape, but daaaang I am. I'm right with you in the sore boat. UGH!

Alissa said...

I know how frustrating it can be trying to build your mileage base back up after an extended break. Sounds like you've got the right mindset. Don't beat yourself up, it won't be long until you are back at it 100%. You're doing great with that Shred DVD. I think I may need to get a copy of that! I have a weak core too. Great job, keep it up!

Running and living said...

Yes, I remember the soreness I used to get after going back to running. Your plan to take it easy and run slower, while working on core strength and flexibility is very smart. Pretty soon your body will get used to your routine, become ready for more, and you'll get to a level of fitness better than you had in November:) Ana-Maria

Nicole said...

I'm sore from an ab workout and my isnane milege!

my books came today... thankfully i can take them with me now! YAY

aron said...

you are doing awesome girl!!! keep it up :) shred is a killer!