Friday, February 27, 2009


I was driving back from picking up some lunch. There's this small bridge on the street my office is on that goes over the railroad tracks. As I'm starting on to the bridge, the large truck in the other lane inches across the double-yellow line and is coming at me head on. I see him holding his cell phone up in front of his face.

I honk. It's not even a big honk because he wasn't quite close enough for me to panic yet, but it was a little toot to get his attention so that he could pull back into his lane before getting too close to me.

Dude flipped me off.

Seriously?! All I could think is how much I wish that I had some sort of loud speaker system that I could have flipped on and said, "Um, excuse me?! You better believe that if you had hit me head on, you'd be getting more than a friendly honk from me buddy." I don't really get worked up over these sort of things and I really don't care, but it just blows me away how people act sometimes.

In other news, our weather is insane right now. Yesterday it was sunny and 70 degrees. Over night, it started pouring down rain (seriously, I haven't heard it rain so hard in a long time). Today the temps are falling and by tomorrow we'll have 27 degrees and snow flurries. I laughed pretty hard when the radio DJs this morning were giving the weekend weather and said, "So if you don't like the weather, wait a few hours and it'll change." Only in Tennessee can you experience so many weather types in a 36-hour period of time.

I'm planning on running again today, and then next week I'm going to bump up to running 3 days a week. Despite being eager to get back in shape, I really haven't been quite as gung ho about running as I thought I'd be. I think it's that I'm not able to do near as much as I'm used to, so it just feels weird to be running so little. After 4 weeks of 2 running days and 2-3 cross training days, I think I'm ready to bump up the number of days I'm running to my usual 3 days. I figure after that gets comfortable, then I can start working on slowly but surely adding some mileage.

I actually don't have a lot of plans this weekend. I didn't really make any because last weekend was so full with my trip to Chicago that I knew I'd want to take it easy this weekend. I might join some friends at some point, but I'm definitely looking forward to relaxing and being free to decide on a whim what I want to do. I haven't had a weekend with zero set plans in a while, so it's nice.

Hope everyone else has a good one!


Running and living said...

I think your eagerness to run will increase once you get closer to the level of fitness you had before the injury. It's probably rough to run at a much slower pace, feel sore after. It's probably also hard to clearly see that you are going to get your fitness back. Of course, the weathere doesn't help, either! Good luck, Ana-Maria

Nicole said...

I hate ahole trucker drivers that dont pay attention.. texting away instead of watching the road. I would have honked and gave him the finger... he had no right to flip you off though. AHOLE!

Sharneysrun said...

What a jerk that truck driver was!! What does he expect- for you to not be concerned when he's in YOUR lane?! People can be pretty amazing sometimes...

I agree with Running & Living- I think you will feel a lot more pumped to run when you can get back to your pre-injury level. I got the green light to start running again in a little over one week. I know that I too will feel discouraged only being able to run one mile (and I KNOW it will be a slooooooow mile!) Hang in there- you WILL get your mojo back :-)

Mark said...

You are coming along with a very smart plan and great attitude. Good job being aware on the roads. It's really getting bad when truckers are texting!?