Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tucker and Twilight and Training Books

I'm a bad mommy.

Last night, I was going to have dinner with my parents and some family friends. They live a few minutes away, so sometimes I take Tucker with me so he can play with their cat and not be stuck home alone. He seemd to enjoy this, and other than a bit of meowing he doesn't seem to mind riding in his carrier.

We were on our way home last night when he started making a very different kind of meow. I could tell he was distressed. I knew immediately what was up... he needed to use the bathroom. I kept talking to him and crossed my fingers he could hold it. I knew from his meow he knew that he wasn't supposed to go in the carrier, but he really had to go.

When we got home, the little mat was soaked. I could tell from his mannerisms that he seemed to feel guilty. He's never had any issues with using his litter box, so I knew he knew that going in the carrier was wrong. I couldn't be mad though. What could he do?

However, I know that from now on I'll carry him to the litter box before we leave to get in the car. Even though this has never happened in the 2.5 years I've had him and have been driving him around, I don't want it to happen again. I know that when he's at my parent's house he plays so much with their cat that he never goes to the bathroom until he REALLY has to go.

In other news, I finished the Twilight series last night. I still have really mixed feelings. I definitely went through all four books pretty quickly and enjoyed them. I can see why it's easy to get sucked into the story and want to know what happens. However, I still am not so sure that the books merit quite the hype they've received. I continued to feel really irritated at how slowly the story seemed to move at times. I feel like Meyer was dragging things out for the sake of dragging them out. I could be wrong, but that's how it felt to me as a reader. Plus, like I said before, I have pretty high expectations of novels about mythical characters. I'm such a huge Harry Potter fan that it's hard for me to not compare other such books to the seven Rowling wrote. As far as I'm concerned, Twilight doesn't come close to being as awesome as the Harry Potter books. That's just me. You're free to disagree.

Also, did anyone else notice a big mistake in Eclipse? One of the first times graduation is mentioned, it's referenced to as being held in June. Later on, it's referenced as being held in May.

Along the lines of books, I ordered some yesterday. The YMCA has a program called My Y Rewards where you earn points every time your card is scanned. You can cash the points in for prizes online for free! I had been saving mine up. First, I ordered Run Less, Run Faster. Even though I used a modified FIRST plan in the past, I've never actually read this book. Since I'm on the prowl for the perfect Chicago marathon training plan, I feel it'll be worth it to read.

I also ordered Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD. I keep hearing everyone say how awesome it is and figured that for free, I'd certainly give it a whirl, too. I could use some help in the strength and toning department.

I saved the remaining points for next time, but then I hopped over to Amazon to order a few other books to help me figure out my training. First, I finally ordered Advanced Marathoning. I keep reading that the people who follow these training plans are accomplishing great things, so I decided it's time to read it and see if it's for me. To round things out, I ordered a copy of The Triathlete's Training Bible. This is in part because I've been told the sections about running are amazing and also because someday I plan to try out a triathlon, so why not go on and read about what it takes?

I'm pretty excited. Even though I'm taking things really slow physically, I want to get as much info as I can before I start really training again. I've read quite a few other books in the past, but I think it's time to get some new info and new ideas on how to really improve my marathon time.

I'll be sure to let you all know what I think about my new purchases when they arrive!


peachy perspective said...

Where do you find all this amazing time to read so much?! I need to continuously re-evaluate my schedule and fit more reading (real books, not just web stuff, magazines, and Bible study) into my daily life!

Nicole said...

Where did you find shred? I dont have that video but ive done the workout and its AWESOME!

aron said...

yay for shred! i love it :)

we just got run less, run faster also for chris since he is a 3 day a week runner.

advanced marathon is a GREAT book, even if you dont follow the plan there is SO much information in there, i think its a great one to have.

and i still love twilight :) am going to read them again LOL

Jocelyn said...

Poor kitty. I always put my litter box in the back seat for my cat...although, that's normally when because we are going a long distance.

Stephanie said...

You aren't a bad mommy! Accidents happen.

Love that Jillian Michaels. Be sure to post a review of the DVD- I may have to check it out myself.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Your not a bad mommy! I am sure the poor baby couldn't hold it any more!

The Happy Runner said...

I love the shred! I hope you enjoy it.

J said...

I agree about Twilight, it seemed to move really slowly and could have been condensed and been shorter and still have been a decent book.

Mark said...

I just got a copy of "advanced Marathon" and I can see it will be a great resource

Playful Professional said...

How did you get the 90 day shred for free??