Friday, March 13, 2009

The Cool Kids Buy Swimsuits in Winter

I've been trying all week to catch up on my Google Reader, and in the process I haven't been commenting much. Please forgive. :)

Sometimes I don't think people believe me when I say the weather in TN is crazy. Seriously, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few days (or sometimes just a few hours) and it will be different.

On Tuesday, it was 80°!!! I went into Target in a t-shirt, jeans and flil flops. I walked past clearance swim suits and figured that since it was so warm, why not enjoy the idea of summer and try some on? I always buy my swimsuits at Target because they're inexpensive and the Wassino brand fits me really well. I tried a few on and ended up actually buying one for $19, tax and all. You can't beat that. I can't say I needed a new suit, but for that price and since it fit really well, I didn't think I was breaking the bank.

By the way, I know that the stores start carrying swimsuits in like Janaury so that all the spring breakers can buy them, but it always seems so insane to me to look at them when I'm dressed in a sweater.

Wednesday? Cloudy and 40°. Yesterday? I woke up to SLEET.

It's supposed to rain for like the next week, but fortunately we should be back up in the 60's by Tuesday or so. I tell ya... it's ridiculous.

No big plans this weekend... hanging out with some friends, getting a workout in, going to a birthday party. It should be fun and somewhat laid back. I certainly won't be doing much outside since it's gone cold on us again! Needless to say, the new swimsuit is going to sit in the drawer for a while longer, haha.

Have a good one!


Niki said...

The weather is crazy! I'm in Memphis so I am getting the same weather as you. No wonder people are always sick!

I need to check out Target for a swim suit! I usually buy one there every year!

Chic Runner said...

SLEET!? yuck! I will send you some sunshine from me. I love target swimsuits!

aron said...

i LOVE target swimsuits :)

have a great weekend!!!!

Jennifer Burgett said...

I totally understand about the weather. Tuesday was perfect here - I went running in shorts and a t-shirt. . . . last night we had two inches of snow and schools were cancelled for today. NICE!

Sharneysrun said...

I bought a swimsuit so I could swim during my stress fracture recovery. I only used it once!!! I probably should've gotten it at Target since I spent too much $$ at a local sporting goods store. Oh well!

Thanks for the email- I will email you tonight with details of my "progress"!! :-)

Jocelyn said...

I iave seen the target bathing suits! Sooo cute!

Nicole said...

OMG! Thats nuts. Were having a 'warm up' in michigan right now. Thankfully. Coming back from vacation to cold weather SUCKS. Hopefully it will stop being so crazy for you. Its gonna be gorgeous from now until next thursday here and i cant wait.

Ive been a blog commenting slacker too. Also with running. Vacation through me out of my groove!

Nicole said...

oh and TARGET rocks... for everything!

J said...

Sounds like crazy weather! It can be the same way up here in the north. One day its 75 and nice and then next its snowing!!

Niki said...

I left you something on my blog:)

rayder said...
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