Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strengths and Dreams

I recently purchased Strengths Finder 2.0 (Tom Rath) to read and take the online assessment to determine my strengths. (Visit for more info.) After taking the 30 minute assessment, it gives you your top 5 strengths.


  • Discipline - People who are especially talented in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.
  • Developer - People who are especially talented in the Developer theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements.
  • Empathy - People who are especially talented in the Empathy theme can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others' lives or others' situations.
  • Achiever - People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.
  • Intellection - People who are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.
There are quite a few other strengths, and it was interesting to read the descriptions of my top 5 and realize how spot on they were for the most part. I can't say that I necessarily learned anything about myself I didn't already know, but I definitely feel like the descriptions are concise and precise... so if I ever need someone to understand why I am the way I am, I can tell them, "Hey, read this decription about Discipline and it'll make more sense why I am always tidy and organized."

It's definitely worth checking into if you like stuff like this. I did it as part of a local community board that I serve on for a non-profit, so I look forward to going to our meeting next week and finding out what other people found from their assessments.

I got a 30 minute run in yesterday. I'm having to try hard to not let myself be discouraged that I am running slower than what I like. I only got 2.88 miles done in that 30 minutes! I know I need to keep going slow until I build my endurance back up some, so I'll keep taking it easy until I improve. I realized yesterday that I'm definitely feeling my IT Band in my left leg (the one I didn't use for a month), so I'm sure it's tight. I need to work on that some. Today I'll be using Shred and the abs workout from RW again... and maybe working the IT Band out on the ole foam roller.

I had a really crazy dream last night. I was inside this building with a lot of people I knew, and I was waiting to get some ice cream. An announcement came on over the intercom telling us there were some bad guys outside of the building and for us to move into the halls so they couldn't look in the windows and see us. I abandon my ice cream and head out. We're all standing against the wall, and I felt nervous but not really scared. We see all these men coming inside and realize it's the bad guys and they found a way in. They're all dressed in TN Titans stuff and when they come in they're not violent or anything. They just start talking and then making us watch footage of a recent Nashville Predators hockey game. All I can think is about how I've never been a hostage before and that whenever I get out I'd have to blog about it because it'd be such a great story!

Wow. I woke up about that point and really had to laugh at myself for dreaming about such things AND thinking in the dream I'd have to blog about it.


Carlee said...

Love the dream!!! Isn't it great when you catch your own addictions through dreaming?

Jocelyn said...

Nice run. Just remember, anything you do is an accomplishment. trust me, I know how hard it is to remind yourself of that. But 2.88 miles in 30 minutes is awesome

aron said...

roll that ITB out! you are definitely right that the muscles in that leg will need some special attention. great job on being patient and getting out there to run!

Marathon Maritza said...

Take care of your ITB!

And wow, what great qualities to have!! :)

Nicole said...

take care of your ITB lady, youve got a mary in october!:)