Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend in Review

I seriously had a lovely and relaxing weekend. I like being a busy girl and staying involved in things, but I also really enjoy having my downtime.

Friday I enjoyed a nice little run and then realized that I put a little over 20 miles in over the 24 days since I got the ok to run again. It's not like the mileage I'm used to logging, but I'll take it for now. I also watched Nights in Rodanthe, which was every bit as "Nicolas Sparks" as the book (and I know this because it was one of my guilty pleasure beach reads last summer).

I actually still ended up doing a lot this weekend now that I'm thinking about it, but it all involved staying in and avoiding the terribly cold and windy weather we were having. It snowed on Saturday night, but we only got a dusting in my neck of the woods.

I finally saw the movied Pay It Forward. I'd never seen it, but I kept hearing good things about and am of course familiar with the pay it forward concept. I really enjoyed it other than the fact that I didn't know ahead of time that it would be sad! I didn't stop there with the movies... I finally rented Wall*E and loved it. Seriously, Pixar never disappoints.

Aside from the movie watching, I also finished my race scrapbook! I am super excited about this, and I promise to post a few more pictures of some of the pages I did recently to finish it out. It felt so good to have all of my races compiled. I filled the book, so I'll start a new one whenever I have my next race. I've been on a real scrapbooking kick, so if I can hang on to it I'm going to try to finish my college books. I've only got about a year and a half left to finish them. It'd be nice to catch up sometime this year to present-day. I think it'd be a lot easier to stay on top of keeping them current if I could ever catch up.

I also slept in both days. Yay! And I did something that's totally not important but that had been on my "I want to get around to this eventually" list... I had about 30-40 songs on my iTunes that didn't have the title/artist info because they came off a mix cd. Most of them I recognized, but I didn't know who sang them or the actual title. So I spent some time googling lyrics and figuring them out. I found all of them but one, and I remember who I got it from so I shot an email off asking for the info. It felt really good to take care of something, even if it was small and inconsequential.

I found myself with the desire to start cleaning out drawers and closets, but I restrained myself. I think the "spring cleaning" urge is starting to hit.

Oh, and has anyone else tried the abs workout from the February Runner's World? I gave it a whirl last night after 20 minutes of shredding with Jillian, and I have to say that I think it's got some serious promise. It didn't take long, it didn't require anything other than me and the floor, and I could feel the burn. I'm thinking I'm going to try to do the Shred DVD 2-3 times a week and follow it with this abs workout for a while and see if I start noticing a difference in my core. I'm also bumping my running to 3 days a week now!

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend. I know it doesn't sound like I was really relaxing, but seriously it felt great to do some things I enjoy and take it easy.

Today I'm getting my hair cut. Don't get excited... I'm not doing anything different. I just love getting an inch trimmed off every couple of months. It looks so much better and it curls better and I'm just generally happier with it. It's definitely nice to start a Monday knowing that after work someone else will wash your hair and cut it and dry and straighten it.


aron said...

YAY for a great weekend! i looove weekends like those :)

glad the running is going well!!

Carlee said...

we watched Wall.E this weekend too!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Sharneysrun said...

Glad you had such a relaxing weekend! Movies & scrapbooking sound like a perfect weekend to me :) Sometimes it's so nice to just be able to cross things off your to do list!

Yay! You are so lucky you get to increase your running days! You must be so excited- you are having a fantastic comeback! I'm rooting for you all the way :-)

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Marathon Maritza said...

What a nice weekend! And it also sounds like your running is going great so yay!

And yes, you have to post more pics of your scrapbook, they are seriously great!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great weekend, I love catching up on movies like that. I haven't tried the ab workout from RW, although I did tear it out and save it because it looked really good. Let me know what you think if you end up following it.

Rachel H. said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I want to see Nights in Rodanthe too...I might rent it this weekend. :)

KelsNotChels said...

Thank you for the well wishes on my blog!

I'm adding yours to g-reader now! I've been delaying my subscription to runner's world, but maybe now is the time! I love a good ab workout. :D


Nicole said...

I love weekends like those! We just got that movie before we left for vacation and i can't WAIT to watch it!!!