Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CMM and DMB Weekend in Nashville

I have good reasons for my absence. I've been busy turning lemons into lemonade.

I have really had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life. A few of you emailed and asked about what was going on a short while ago when I shared that I was having a bad week. Since then, several other things have happened to contribute to my life feeling completely turned upside down. In time, I'll probably share a few things.. but for now please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I'm definitely an optimist and am finding joy in my life, but there are some big changes going on in my world. And I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

I do have a lot of fun things to tell you about, but I'm going to have to divide it up in several posts. Let me tell you today about my fun weekend at the Country Music Marathon and the Dave Matthews Band concert.

Friday evening I met up with a friend who was in town for the race to do a little carb-loading. Granted, I had no intentions of burning any calories over the weekend so this may not have been wise for me... but the food at Mama Mia's in Nashville? Amazing.

Saturday morning, my pal Brett and I met up with a few other friends to cheer on all the runners. We stood out there for a little over 2 hours! I had never gone to the race as a spectator, so it was a fun experience for me. I managed to spot a few of my friends, but I definitely missed most of the people I knew running. 35,000 people is a pretty big crowd! I have been checking out the results of those of you who ran, and I think everyone did amazing! For those of you who don't know, it reached 87° here in Nashville on Saturday. It was a HOT day for a half or full marathon. Everyone did amazing!

I have mixed feelings about the Nashville race. It's of course my home and so I am thrilled we have such a big event, but I think that Elite Racing is getting a little full of themselves. I really think they do an AMAZING job at organizing everything. I heard that they were very well prepared for the heat with plenty of fluids, ice and spray stations readily available. But the price of the race has increased more than I think is necessary. I know it's expensive to do a race, but I don't think the price should keep going up every year. I'm not going to pay $100+ to run a half-marathon. I think the lowest it was in the early months was maybe $60ish? I still think even that is pricey. I just think that in the end, I prefer running races where I know the leftover money is going to a charity and not to some company as a profit. I know, it's a business and all... I'm just saying that by my own choice, I'd rather run races that aren't just trying to make a profit.

Saturday night, I met up with friends to have some yummy pizza at Mellow Mushroom (seriously, I ate so much and didn't run at all this weekend) before going to Vanderbilt stadium for the Dave Matthews Band concert.

I have some great pictures and videos that I'm going to post in a separate post for your viewing pleasure when I get home later. For my fellow DMB fans, here's the set list:

Bartender (I had totally guessed they would open with this!)
Grey Street
The Last Stop (tease) --->
Seek Up
Burning Down the House (cover)
Why I Am (new tune)
Anyone Seen the Bridge --->
Too Much (tease) --->
Ants Marching
You Might Die Trying
Crash Into Me
Spaceman (new tune) --->
Corn Bread
Funny the Way It Is (new tune)
Jimi Thing
Two Step
Encore: Blue Water Baboon Farm
All Along the Watchtower

On "Crash Into Me," he did the added lines of "I'll be your dixie chicken if you'll be my Tennessee lamb/ We'll walk together, down in dixie land." We always love that here in TN. :)

He danced. He did some skat. Dave was definitely in a goofy mood. I loved every minute.

This was my fifth DMB show, and I can never say if I think a certain one is the best one I've seen. They are all full of good memories. I've shared each one with someone different over the years, this year it being my friend Paige. But it was definitely a pretty awesome show.

Sunday I took it easy, having coffee with a friend and then going to the ceremony to make my sister an official alum of ADPi. Good times.

Come back later for pics from the concert. Tomorrow I'll write and share pictures of what I did on Monday that led to me meeting some pretty famous people and staying out until 2:30am on a work night.


Carlee said...

That sounds like it was an awesome set. DMB was the band my whole high school always went to each summer, I have such great memories (for example crying to the fried dough man the summer before my senior year because all my friends were leaving for college).

I'd love to go to another concert; always a great show.

Amanda said...

It sounds like you've got a lot going on, I hope everything works out for you. I agree about the race prices. >$100 is just ridiculous in my opinion!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend girl. Email me and let me know how things are going. I'm worried!!!!!
Thinking of you!

The Northerner said...

I feel ya girl. My job has been seriously throwing me for a loop. I am trying to stay positive too, but sometimes I can't help but be a Debbie Downer. I finally broke yesterday and literally cried for like 3 hours. And man did it feel good!

Playful Professional said...

Oh so sad. We pulled into Mama Mia's to eat dinner and then turned around as soon as we saw the lines of people waiting outside. To think I could've been eating at the table next to you. Maybe next time :)