Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Giveaway and a Rant

One of my favorite bloggers, The Chic Runner, is holding a giveaway! I love a good giveaway, but this one is pretty awesome. She's got a $100 gift certificate for Online Shoes. Goodness gracious! Talk about a sweet giveaway. Go check it out here!

Now for a little rant. Today I decided that I'd hit up Chick-fil-A a little before 10:30 and get breakfast for my lunch. It's always nice to do something a little different, and I was excited to try the chicken, egg and cheese on a multi-grain bagel because it looks so good in the picture. (And yes, it ended up being totally delicious.)

I sat in the drive-thru behind a car where the person in it was smoking. I could smell the cigarette smoke so I decided to roll my window up. As is usually the case when you're behind a driver smoking our his or her window, I could still smell it coming through my air vents. I may be really sensitive to cigarette smoke or something, but it was terrible to have to sit there and smell it and not be able to get away.

It got me thinking about how I really can't wait until more things are smoke-free. Now before you holler at me, I know we can't tell people they can't smoke in their cars. However, i'm really looking forward to when smoking around public places is ruled out. We passed the law banning smoking in restaurants back in 2007, and it was seriously one of the smartest things I've seen Tennessee do. I know that if major cities like NYC can go smoke-free practically everywhere that it's probably a matter of time before places follow suit.

I want that to happen. I don't want people to smoke in bars. I don't want people to smoke in front of public buildings... because let me tell you. Having to walk through a cloud of smoke to get into the restaurant is just as annoying as smoke inside. I know that people would say that I'm being a little extreme and that people have always smoked in bars, etc. My thought is that smoking is more of a privilege than it is a right, and non-smokes have the right to not have to breathe secondhand smoke (which numerous studies have found harmful).

Sure, I could opt to not go to places where smoking is allowed, and most of the time I don't. I'm just saying that I'll be glad when I see more places not allow smoking in or around the area. I mean, come on people. Smoking is not cool. I'm not here to judge... if you want to kill yourself over it, that's none of my business.

Before anyone decides to pick a fight, you should probably know that my dad smokes. He'll likely die from it, just like his dad who died from lung cancer. He knows that our family hates that he smokes, and we regularly voice our issues with it. He doesn't smoke around us ever, but we still know he does it and we hate it. I love my dad, but I have no problem calling him and every other smoker out on this terrible habit. And remember, I'm a marathon runner. Smoking isn't exactly something I'll ever be ok with...

I would never date a smoker. I don't have friends who smoke, and if I did I'd insist they not do it around me.

Feel free to agree or disagree, but I'd love to see smoking itself die a quick death. Everyone's health would be better for it.


d.a.r. said...

Ew I hate when people smoke in restaurants and outside of buildings. My old office was smoke free and had a 20 foot "smoke free zone". But people would ignore the signs and smoke right outside the doors sick to have to walk through that!

Chic Runner said...

I HATE smokers! Sometimes they are on the beach path that I run through and I'm like SERIOUSLY people! PS good call on the chickfila.. I love that!!! :) and thanks for the shout out.. good luck!

Jackie said...

I think they actually ARE trying to outlaw smoking in cars in NY. Or maybe that is just when there are children in the car? Which, duh, you shouldn't do anyway! I believe I heard my parents tell me something like that. With the smoking tax increasing like woah, hopefully more people will start quitting!

Nicole said...

Seriously i hate smokers. If they are smoking and its in my area i get super annoyed. They just did a HUGE tax on cigareetts it in Michigan and i'm hoping people will quit. What an aweful habbit!

I've never had Chick-fil-a before! I'm asuming its good but we dont have it up here! BOOO

J said...

NY went smoke free a while ago and it is nice. I dont even notice that the smokers aren't there - its weird. it feel like it has been this way for a long time.

Carlee said...

I absolutely agree. I was behind someone in traffic this morning; cigarette smoke makes me sick all the time but at 7 a.m. I think it's worse!

Sharneysrun said...

Totally agree with you, Melanie. I absolutely can't stand cigarette smoke. They passed a law here in Chicago a couple years ago not allowing smoking in restaurants. I was SOOOOOO happy! I can't tell you how sick it made me to sit in a restaurant and have to smell all that smoke. It was so bad, I couldn't even taste or enjoy my food! And I was in the non-smoking section! ARRRGHHH! I hate being around people who smoke, too. Nothing worse than having your freshly washed hair and clothes stink after only a couple of minutes being near a smoker. And smoking in the car- don't get me started! I've been in smoker's cars (even when they're not smoking) and it is a torture chamber. Not only does the interior of the car reek, all the upholstery is yellowed and gross from the smoke!

So, in conclusion, I totally agree with you on this one! We don't have Chick-fil-a's here in Chicago. Wish we did... I hear only good things about them.

Mark said...

It's amazing how we can smell the smoke even from great distances.It's nasty, stinky, dirty, and expensive!! I feel for them, I know what it was like to be addicted to cigarettes.
Chic-fil-a is the greatest! I am good friends with the owners down here!!

michele MD said...

They're working on it in the state legislature (ETSU recently banned smoking from the entire campus). It was a miracle (according to those at the Dpt of Health) that the 07 bill was passed. Not surprising considering there's people lobbying to remove the motorcycle helmet law because they don't want to wear one or the adoloscent confidentiality law and drop millions of dollars of funding for health care.

Gotta love policy and politicians!