Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Met Some Famous People

It's not a secret that I like to do some volunteer type stuff when I can.  I find it's really great to give my time to good causes, so when my friend Erin asked me to volunteer with her at the Best Cellars Dinner for the T. J. Martell Foundation I was happy to say yes.

Her company was the sponsor for the event, and we were going to be checking in the celebrities.

Yep, famous people.  Granted, some of them are probably more famous here since there were a lot of country music artists.  I got to see and speak to in some form or fashion the following musicians:  Martina McBride, Jake Owen, Sarah Buxton, Kenny from Big & Rich, two of the people from Little Big Town (I'm not familiar enough to know their names), Kelli Pickler, Amy Grant, Heidi Newfield, Michelle Branch, Jamey Johnson and I might be forgetting someone but I think that's it. 

It was pretty neat to be seeing people who are pretty well known.  Everyone was pretty friendly, especially Heidi Newfield.  If you're not sure who that is, she's the gal who sings "Johnny and June."  She wanted to shake all of our hands and get our names.  Super nice.

I did get a little star struck when William Baldwin walked in.  Yep, brother of Alec Baldwin. Seriously,  I soooo wanted to get a picture of him, but when you're a volunteer that's hardly appropriate at a fancy affair.  Still, I couldn't help but stare.  He walked past our table once and nodded and said, "Ladies" and you would have thought he kissed us all.  When he came back out he stopped to chat about his table number for a second.  I was disappointed he wasn't at the after party because I so would have chatted him up about how much I loved Dirty Sexy Money and asked for a picture.

The after party ended up being pretty fun.  It was at a really nice home out in Belle Meade, and the guy had a crazy huge wine cellar.  I'm pretty sure that Erin and I were the only ones who weren't really drinking, but we were also the only ones who had to drive home (everyone else had a car or limo with driver).  

There were a lot of people from her company there in addition to Michelle Branch, Sarah Buxton, Big Kenny, and Heidi Newfield.  I know this might sound odd, but I felt like we totally fit in.  I think that's the thing about famous people in Nashville... we don't have paparazzi. They're spotted everywhere doing normal things, and people are generally pretty respectful and leave them alone.  It felt like we were just all a big group of people hanging out.

We sat and talked to Heidi's husband for a long time.  He manages football players, and he was so super nice.  Later we got to chat some with Heidi.  I think she's totally sweet and a lot of fun. We also chatted a bit with Kenny, and we snapped some photos with each.  I know it's not like we were with super famous people, but it's seriously the first time I've ever had a picture taken with someone more famous than myself, haha.

It was such a blast to volunteer at the benefit and then to be allowed into the after party.  I have no idea if I'll ever get to do something so cool ever again, but for now I'm going to chalk this one up to the fact that I live in a pretty cool city with pretty cool people.

Erin and I striking a pose

I know it's blurry, but that's the back of Jay from Rascal Flatts

Enjoying a little champagne

One row in an amazing wine cellar at the home where the after party took place

Erin and I with Heidi Newfield

Kenny from Big & Rich


Nicole said...

How cool that you can be apart of such a fun event. I love to volunteer too! It makes me feel so much better about myself! :)

peachy perspective said...

Oh, how fun! Yeah, Nashville rocks!

Niki said...

That's so awesome that you got to meet all those people!! And good for you for volunteering!!

The Northerner said...

That is so cool!