Friday, April 24, 2009

A Musical Weekend

Thank you all for your sweet comments and birthday wishes for Tucker!  He's certainly important to me, and it's always nice when others think he's as cute as I do. :)

Tomorrow is the big Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon here in Nashville.  I've run the full twice and the half once, but this year I'll be going to the race as a cheerleader/spectator!

I was once kind of sad I wasn't going to be in shape to run the half this year, but I'm actually pretty ok with it now.  Today?  It's sunny and 87 degrees.  Tomorrow?  Pretty much the same story.  It'll be around 70 at the 7am start and quickly up to at least 80 long before the normal people start finishing either race.

I am not jealous.  When I last ran the full in 2007, it got up to 76 degrees by the time I was about halfway.  It never really got hotter, but it was already too hot.  I hate training for 4 months in the cold and then end up running slower because it's a hot race day.  I'm adamant about only running the half in the future and focusing on marathons that are less likely to end up being so hot. (I realize it was all hot in Chicago 2 years ago, but that's very unusual.  A summer day in April in TN? Not all that unusual.)

Anyways, it'll be fun to see all the runners and will be just the inspiration that I need now that I'm finally able to start working on increasing my mileage.

Tomorrow night?  I'm going to see Dave Matthews Band with Jason Mraz and Robert earl Keen.  Heck.  Yes.  

Look forward to a fun post about the weekend with pictures!


J said...

I want to run the half in nashville! That sounds like so much fun! have fun watching the race. I have found that sometimes I really do like watching rather than running! I am so glad that weather has turned out so nice!

The Northerner said...

Maybe you'll see Britni from Play More, Laugh More, Live More! She is running the half. Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

I hope you had fun at the concert!

Playful Professional said...

Ha so all I can say is be glad you didn't run... I think it was like 86 when I finished around 10:15 and I was dying. But I did it...and hopefully you didn't see me because you could tell I was dying. But thanks for cheering us on. Seriously, the fans and spectators on every corner kept me going.