Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On Recent Entertainment

I've been staying up a little later than usual (which isn't helpful when I have to get up early and go to work, but hey - I'm young and can pull it off) and have become reacquainted with late night tv for the first time in quite a while.

I always liked Jimmy Fallon on SNL and haven't really watched the show much since around the time he left, but I had yet to see his late night show until Friday. I tuned in to see his interview with Matthew Perry (I'm a Friends fanatic, and old habits die hard).

Before getting to the interviews, he shared a video that basically showed someone playing the video of that Susan Boyle gal singing her song on the Britain's Got Talent auditions. People kept coming in the room all upset over something, but when they heard her singing they smiled, sat down and enjoyed.

My favorite part? Ben from LOST comes into the doorway saying, "We have to go back to the island!" But when no one paid him any attention, he left. As a LOST viewer, I just found this terrifically funny. Or maybe I was just tired and everything seemed funny.

Either way.

I've watched several movies in the past few days. On Saturday, I will totally admit I went with my sister and saw 17 Again. I actually really enjoyed it. And hey, who can't enjoy a little Zac Efron eye candy from time to time?

On Sunday it was rainy and cold, so I rent Bolt (the cartoon about a dog) and Transiberian (about a couple on a train ride who get mixed up with a drug thing). I seriously recommend them both.

It's funny... I go through phases. Sometimes I am reading and going through books like water for my entertainment. Then sometimes I'll get on these kicks where I just want to watch a bunch of movies. I suppose it's a bit related to however I'm feeling, but still...

I think I might be on a movie kick right now... and apparently late night tv.


J said...

I cannot wait for the may movies to come out! There are so many I want to see but I just dont have the time to get to the movie theater to watch them all!

Nicole said...

I go on renting movie kicks. I really should sign up for Netflicks-- i hear its totally awesome. Did you get my email?

trialsoftraining said...

hi! found your blog through multiple other running blogs - Had to comment on this post because I'm exactly the same! I'll read like 5 books in a month, and then come to a halt. Or get totally hooked on a TV show for a season (TBL, and DWTS!?) and then ehhh not so much.

also have to admit 17 again looks kiiinda cute. I really want to see Sunshine Cleaning too. :)

Sharneysrun said...

I loved TransSiberian! It had me on the edge of my seat! I think Bolt looks really cute... I still need to see WALL-E. I just love Redbox- nothing like a $1 movie rental :-)