Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running Odds and Ends

I received a fun treat in the mail today. A while back, I won one of the Runner's Lounge giveaways. I feel like I'm one of those people who never seems to win anything, so I was pretty excited!

The prize? A handful of running greeting cards from Far Gone Greetings. They offer cards for a variety of sports, and I loved how spot on the running ones were with the running humor. I was looking at a lot of the other designs today, and I definitely think they're a fun kind of card to have to send to your fellow runner. I mean, who doesn't like getting a real card in the mail?

They're really great quality as well. The only downside is that at $2.95 a card, they seem a little pricey. Of course, this is from the girl who scours bargain bins for cards and such. I suppose you're paying for the fact that they're catered to our sport. They do offer free shipping if you buy more than 4 so that's good.

Has anyone pulled off any good April Fool's Day jokes? I'm not much of a practical joker, so I haven't attempted any myself. I've also chosen to not believe half the things that have popped up on Facebook today.

I'm still taking it easy and not going to run for another day or two as this ache in my hip flexor subsides. It's already gotten better, and my plan today is to hit the gym for some strength training and as well as some hip flexor exercises.

It's a shame because it's absolutely gorgeous outside today, and they're calling for more storms tomorrow. Oh well. I'll run again soon.


aron said...

good job for listening to that hip and taking it easy when you need to. i know thats not easy, especially when the weather is nice!

the cards sound super cute!

Carlee said...

I need your attitude about not running when hurting.

Cindy said...

I always do an April Fool's joke on my kids. This year, I switched out the cereal in the box and put dog food in there (in a different bag). When my 9 year old poured her cereal into the bowl, she got dry dog food (believe it or not, that's pretty funny to a 9 year old). While I was in the shower, she then piled up every chair in the house to block the bathroom door so when I opened the door, I was baricaded in. We're goofy. We thought it was funny :-)

Nicole said...

Thats soo cool about the running cards! I didnt know they made such a thing! I wanna buy some!!!

i need to email you back but i've been SUPER busy lately... hopefully i'll get a chance tomorrow after work!