Friday, April 3, 2009

Tornados in Tennessee

I know I talk about how crazy the weather is here in middle TN. I really do have more interesting things to talk about than weather, but I really just find it fascinating how much our weather changes from day-to-day.

Yesterday? We had severe storms and tornados. Both come with the territory around here this time of year, and I've never really found myself to be bothered by it. Of course, it would be terrible if a tornado hit near me. And one of the scariest moments of my life was when lightning struck a neighbor's tree. That sound and the flash of light? Seriously scary.

It rained a lot. The wind was up. A tornado or two struck down. The thunder was loud and the lightning was bright. Even Tucker was more skiddish than he usually is during a storm, leading me to think he sensed that this one was bigger than usual. In the end, there was some damage in parts of the state, but there wasn't anything serious.

The thing that cracks me up the most is the meteorologists. On one channel, they are so calm and collected that I'd imagine that even if things did get really bad you'd never really grasp it because of their demeanor. Another channel wants you to think that it's freaking Armageddon. Honestly, that's the channel I like to watch. If all of the channels are going to be overtaken by the weather people (honestly, I'd rather keep watching Ellen and have the warnings scroll across the screen, but that's just me), then I'd just assume watch the one that's the most entertaining.

Don't get me wrong.. sometimes the weather is really bad and dangerous. But sometimes I think the meteorologists are just SO overdramatic.

Today the weather is calm.. cloudy and 64° with a chance of sunshine. Tomorrow? It's supposed to be 74° and gorgeous. Tuesday? They're calling for snow. I am SO not kidding.

In other news, I haven't run this week and I don't know if I'm going to. My hip is feeling a lot better, but I feel like it might be best to wait and start running again next week after a solid week off. I did do some strength training one day and hit up yoga last night (heavy rain and thunder won't keep me from getting out). I'm planning to do some cross training this afternoon. So it hasn't been the most productive week in terms of fitness, but I think that if my hip has recovered well then I should be able to start running a bit again next week. I'm going to keep taking it easy since my next race is 3 months away... but I'm definitely feeling positive and know that being up to 4 miles right now is really good, all things considered.

I have some fun things going on this week that I think might make for some interesting posts next week. Good luck to everyone with their races and training runs this weekend!


J said...

the weather where I am is crazy too. It was beautiful Tuesday and now its cold and rainy and its not going to warm back up again till next week : (
have a good weekend!

Nicole said...

I hate this crazy weather too. It was 55 yesterday, and its snowing now? WTH? I'm sooo over winter! I think its crazy everywhere though so your not alone!