Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melanie's 101 in 1001

I didn't get everything done in 1001 days, so I am continuing to update the list as I accomplish things!

Since I’m a Runner...

1. Run the PWP 11.2 mile loop with someone so I can learn it (finally) 7/11/09
2. Run at least eight marathons - Chicago 09, Huntsville 09, San Francisco 10, Flying Monkey 10, Huntsville 10, Disney World 11, Chicago 11, Flying Monkey 11
3. Run a 23:30 5K - 23:36 Run for Mercy 5K 10/2010
4. Break 1:50 in a half-marathon
5. Break 4:00 in a marathon
6. Run in at least eight races I’ve never run in before - 7/4/09 London 10-Miler, 7/25/09 Striders Picnic 5K, 9/7/09 Franklin Classic 10k, 9/26/09 Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15K, Chicago Marathon 10/11/09, Team Nashville 10-Miler 11/14/09, Frostbite Half 2/13/10, Oak Barrel Half 4/3/10, River Bank Run 25K 5/18/10, San Francisco Marathon 7/25/10, Nashville Women's Half Marathon 9/25/10, Run for Mercy 5K 10/30/10, Flying Monkey Marathon 11/21/20, Disney Half and Full Marathon (Goofy Challenge) 1/8-9/11, Key Alliance 5K 5/14/11, BoroDash 11/24/11
7. Join the Nashville Striders for a group run at least once a year - Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011
8. Get a massage (or other special reward!) after every completed marathon - Chicago 09, Huntsville 09, San Francisco 10, Flying Monkey 10, Huntsville 10, Disney 11, Chicago 11, Flying Monkey 11

To Be Fit and Healthy...

9. Go for a month without soda - April 13 - May 13, 2010
10. Make cross training and/or yoga/pilates a weekly habit
11. Try an Ultra
12. Try a new kind of workout/class - BarreAmped May/June 2011

To Be a Tourist in My Own City...

13. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame - February 2011
14. Visit the Yazoo beer brewery
15. Visit Cheekwood - Fall 2010 for Chihuly
16. Eat at the Melting Pot again - Girl's Night Out October 10, Erin's Birthday 2011
17. Listen to music at The Bluebird Cafe - January 2, 2012
18. Visit Arrington Vineyards - June 2010
19. Go to Nashville Shores - September 2011
20. Go to a Nashville Predators game - March 2010, October 2010, November 2010
21. Go to a Nashville Sounds game - August 2009
22. See something in the new Symphony Center - April 2010
23. Eat at Loveless Cafe - May 2010, August 2010

I Love to Travel...

24. Take a spur of the moment road trip - Bowling Green, KY/Diamond Caverns April 2011
25. Go to NYC again - December 2012 with Adam (and got engaged!)
26. Visit 3 new states - Oregon (Aug. 2009), Washington (Aug. 2009), Missouri (Oct. 2010), West Virginia (Dec. 2010), Wisconsin (June 2011) 
27. Return to Europe - Ireland and England Summer 2009
28. Visit a new country I’ve never been to - Summer 2009 (Ireland), January 2010 (Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize, Roatan/Honduras)
29. Go to New Orleans - March 2012
30. Visit St. Louis and do the tourist stuff (the zoo, museum, Budweiser, the arch, etc.)
31. Go out of town for a New Year’s Eve - Snowshoe Ski Trip 2010
32. Visit Cedar Point or another equally cool amusement park
33. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast somewhere

I Want to Be a Student...

34. Learn how to sew on buttons
35. Learn how to drive a stick-shift
36. Learn how to make 10 new dinner recipes - Ketchup chicken, mexican casserole/dip, poppy seed chicken, french toast, honey glazed porkchops, chicken enchiladas, buffalo chicken, vegetable ragout, Red Lobster cheese biscuits, round steak
37. Learn how to change the design on my blog
38. Take a dance class (ballet, tap, hip hop, etc.)
39. Learn more about how to start a business - November 2011
40. Learn to make a homemade pie (preferably from Miss Millie’s recipes)
41. Take a surfing lesson, preferably in Hawaii or California
42. Learn to do something new that I've NEVER done before - March 2010 (hit golf balls)
43. Read the Bible (even the boring books)

I Want to Be a Giver...

44. Give five “just because” gifts  
45. Give money to people who are fundraising at least 4 times a year - August 2009, 2 in September 2009, October 2009, January 2010, March 2010, June 2010, 2 in August 2010, October 2010, December 2010, April 2011, August 2011, September 2011, October 2011, November 2011
46. Cut off some hair to donate to Locks of Love or comparable non-profit
47. Complete at least 50 hours of volunteer work - Run for Mercy 5K 2009 (Event Chair)
48. Mail a card/letter to someone four times a year (doesn't have to be the same person) - Mrs. Belcher May 2009, thank you cards for the Mercy 5K October 2009, Aron after her BQ, December 2009, assortment of people Christmas 2009, interview thank you January 2010, Brian throughout 2010, thank you cards to my Run for Mercy team in women's half September 2010, thank you cards to Run for Mercy 5K team, thank you to Rebecca for taking me in during snow storm, February 2011, LG thank you April 2011
49. Donate $1 for each task not completed to a non-profit

Since I’m Relationship-Oriented...

50. Fall in love - Fall 2012 Adam!!!
51. Mail a real love letter
52. Kiss in the rain
53. See Stephanie and Amanda at least once a year if schedules allow - Steph: October 2009, December 2009, May 2010, Both: July 2010, Both: April 2011, Steph: May 2011, Steph: June 2011, Steph: September 2011, Both: October 2011
54. Make contact with local friends I don’t see often at least once a month
55. Meet at least one blog friend per year in person - August 2009, October 2009, May 2010, July 2010
56. Plan at least five $5 dates - June 2010 (Wave Country), Spring 2011 dinner/movie nights
57. Find a church and get involved - CrossPoint
58. Make at least one new good friend - DONE :)

It’s All About the Benjamins...

59. Save money for laser eye surgery (and do it if I can afford it)
60. Remain debt-free (exception: buying a home or reasonably priced car)
61. Maintain a 3-month emergency fund
62. Continue saving for large future purchases
63. Sell anything I can that I no longer need - Yard Sale June 2010, Yard Sale September 2010
64. Put money in my Roth IRA each year - 2009, 2010

I Like Culture...

65. See a Broadway play (preferably on Broadway, but in another city will count) - Wicked - September 2009
66. Listen to every song I’ve got in iTunes at least once
67. Go to the ballet (not The Nutcracker since I've seen it twice) - Cinderella 10/27/11
68. Go to three concerts per year - Live on the Green 9/24/09, Live on the Green 10/1/09, Imogen Heap 11/20/09, John Mayer 2/10/10, Live on the Green 9/2/10, Live on the Green 9/30/10, Live on the Green 10/7/10, NeedtoBreathe 11/19/10, Bright Eyes 3/17/11, Lady Gaga 4/19/11, NKOTBSB 6/21/11, Live on the Green Fall 2011, Lady Antebellum 11/14/11
69. See Dave Matthews Band anytime they are in Nashville

I Like Organization

70. Organize my receipt system into something that works better - July 2009
71. Clean out things/clothes I don’t use/need once per season (sell or donate items) - June 2010, January 2011

Further My Career...

72. Publish something I’ve written - Pets Across America 2009
73. Get paid for something I’ve written - Pets Across America 2009

74. Accept a new job that I love - February 2010
75. Find a job with benefits - February 2010

Just for Fun...

76. Take pictures inside a photo booth - July 2010 (SF marathon)
77. Host a true dinner party - October 2009
78. Go ice skating again - March 2011
79. Go snow skiing again - December 2010
80. Go water skiing/wakeboarding again - July 2010 wakeboarding, July 2011 wakeboarding
81. Go roller skating three times - May 2010, December 2012, April 2013
82. Go to a drive-in movie - May 2013
83. Go white water rafting again - July 2009
84. Try 10 new beers - Ireland and England Summer 2009: Bulmers, Smithwick, Kilkenny, Zubr, Boh, Blarney Blonde, Guinness, Plain Porter, Porterhouse Red, Chiller, Magners, and Strongbow.
84a. Try 10 new beers in the States - Easy Blonde (8/09), Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale (10/09), Yazoo Dos Perros (10/09), Sam Adams Octoberfest (8/10), French Broad Rye Hopper (8/10), Purple Haze (8/10), New Belgium Sunshine (9/10), Sweetwater Blue (11/10), Yazoo Seasonal (11/10), Stella (3/11)85. Visit an amusement park I’ve never been to - Wave Country June 2010
86. Try a new hair color - August 2010
87. Scan all of my favorite photos from pre-digital years into my computer
88. Finish my college senior year scrapbook and scrapbook of races up-to-date
89. Send a postcard to PostSecret
90. Ride a horse
91. Sing karaoke
92. Buy myself flowers three times - July 2010
93. Carve a pumpkin one Halloween - Halloween 2012
94. Paint pottery with someone
95. Watch one new movie per month, minimum
96. Read one book per month, minimum
97. Complete another cross-stitch item
98. Buy my own domain name - January 2011 - 
99. Name my car - The Cougar (November 2009), Hadley the Honda (February 2011)

To Be Accountable on the List...

100. Blog about each item (do this in monthly re-caps of my progress)
101. Make a new list!


The Northerner said...

Sounds great Melanie! You've got some great stuff on your list!

peachy perspective said...

Wow, you are so fun and will definitely not have a boring 3 years! Fun goals. :)

d.a.r. said...

Awesome list!!

Niki said...

Awesome list!! Can't wait to hear about each one you check off!

Nicole said...

ever been to MI?

if not, thats a new state. i can give you lots of different beer selections, take you to cedar point BEST AMUSEMENT PARK EVER, i live on a farm-- we could learn how to drive stick together, a must see Lake MI sunset (gorgeous) and i could take you camping.

you could mark ALL those off by just coming to see me! HOW FUN? :)

aron said...

ohh i like this idea :)

Anna said...

I started my 101in1001 in February last year and I'm really enjoying my way through it!

I hope you will enjoy yours as well! :) Good luck!

J said...

This is such a good idea. Kind of like a bucket list of sorts! Those are some good goals for the coming years!

Paul said...

Hi Melanie. Stumbled across your blog from a posting on 'Twenty Six Point Two.'

Your list is amazing ... and if you add an item to "inspire people to do something new" then you can tick that off too. You have definitely inspired me!

Thanks :-)
Paul (Melbourne, Australia)