Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Exciting News

So, let's say you are only working part-time because the economy stinks and your boss needs you to work less to save some money. And let's say your boss is all like, "Hey, if you want to take some time off unpaid, go for it!" And let's say that you had already earned a week's vacation anyways that can be combined with some unpaid time off.. What do you do?

You book a trip to Europe.

Heck. Yes.

I had been toying with the idea for close to a month ever since I found out that I might either totally lose my job or have to go part-time. I figure that there's no telling if there will ever be another time in my life where I have no husband, no kids, and no job commitment. And Europe is on sale right now! Last time I went? I spent $1100 on my round trip airfare. This? I got my round trip flight AND a direct flight from Dublin to London for a little under $700.

So I'm going to Europe. I realize this might seem a tiny bit foolish since technically I'm only making enough money right now to pay my bills. However, I'm super frugal and very financially responsible. The way I see it, this is exactly what I save so much money every month. I want to be able to do things like this.

Next month, I'll be flying out to Shannon, Ireland to travel around southern Ireland for 6 days before flying over to London. There I will be meeting up with some of my travel companion's friends to stay and explore wherever they can suggest that we haven't seen before (I've been to England twice already). We might also make a day trip in England happen as well since we've got 5-6 days there before we fly home.

I am pumped. It's not every day that you can do something like this, and it's really not every day that you can talk a friend into going with you.

I'll be reading up on Ireland for the next few days because we need to plan our route and book some hostels to stay in during our days there. If anyone has ever been to Ireland or England and has any suggestions for us, I'd love to hear them. Again, we're staying in London most of the time, so if you know of things that are a little off the beaten path or if you know of a great day-trip destination, send it my way. Neither of us have been to Ireland and we're up for pretty much anything if you have suggestions.

Believe me... you might miss me while I'm gone, but the posts and pictures I'll have when I return will make up for it, promise.

And to all my fellow runners - this does not mean I'm ignoring my training plan that technically starts the same week I'm flying out. My travel buddy also runs marathons so we've agreed to get a few runs in while we're there. Running in Europe? Heck. Yes.


peachy perspective said...

So exciting! I have never been to Ireland, so I got nothin for ya. Plus, I just did the touristy stuff in London, but I did walk around Notting Hill which was super cute. Didn't spot Hugh Grant, though - boo.

Love to Run said...


This is absolutely awesome news! I hope you and your friend have a blast. I have been to England once before. If you want to talk about it, just let me know. I have a friend who lives there and he was our tour guide a few of the days when we ventured outside of the London area. Oxford, Salisbury, Reading, Romsey, Bath.

Nicole said...

OMG! I'm SOOO happy for you! You deserve this SOO much! Take the opportunity to live it up and enjoy yourself. Running in another country would be awesome, but if you dont feel like it, i'm sure a few days off wont matter. How many times can you say, oh i'm going to Europe? :) :)

AHH i'm smiling ear to ear for you girl!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

J said...

That sounds super fun and exciting! especially the running in Europe! I am jealous I want to go to Ireland!

The Northerner said...

How exciting. It definitely is a great time to do some traveling! My husband has been to Ireland so I will ask him what his suggestions are and get back to you!

Niki said...

How exciting!! I've never been to Europe so I have no suggestions but my brother is actually there right now so if he tells me about anything spectacular I will let you know!

Miss Gallery Place said...

that's so exciting!!!! take tons of pictures - i've heard so much about ireland as Adam studied abroad there. If you need any advice on where to stay in dublin i'm sure he'd be happy to give you some (he loved it there and has tons of suggestions of what to see etc...) :)

Amy said...

Wow, that's really exciting!!! Sounds like the perfect time to jet off to Europe for a vacation!

I've only been to Dublin, so I can't really help you out too much with recommendations, although I can recommend an awesome restaurant and bar there.

Also, I just saw that you're volunteering the same shift at teh race as me on Monday! (At least, I think that's you, right?) So, I'll see you on Monday!

aron said...

omgosh Melanie!! that is SO exciting! You are going to have a great trip!!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

I'm so excited for you! Ireland is GORGEOUS! I would say to definitely visit the Rock of Cashel...gorgeous ruins and the town is adorable. I don't know how far you're going, but I only went for 4 days and made it to the west coast, to the Dingle Peninsula. This area is absolutely amazing and so full of history. Dublin is obviously a must, but it's a very busy, big city and I'm not sure what your take is. I'm more of an exploring-the-countryside kind of a girl. The Guinness factory tour in Dublin is fun.

Eat lots of pub food and be safe!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Heather said...

How exciting! I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures. It will be like a Runner's World great places to run shoot!

Playful Professional said...

That is awesome. Glad you booked the ticket and made the decision to go. I've definitely got some ideas that helped us out and I'll email you soon, just haven't had time yet. Hope you have a wonderful time!!