Sunday, May 10, 2009

Par-tay in Nashville

So my birthday isn't really until Wednesday, but I find Wednesdays are not really an ideal time to hit up downtown Nashville with your closest friends to celebrate.

Friday evening, we all headed to my favorite place... The Big Bang.  We settled in pretty early so that we could get tables since we were going to have about 10 of us hanging out and celebrating. We stayed for a little over 4 hours!  I had so much fun hanging out, listening and singing along to great music and laughing a ton.  I love my friends!

It's always fun to celebrate something like this because it means I get to bring a lot of my friends together.  I have friends in all sorts of different circles, and it's neat to see everyone meet each other and have a good time together.  I definitely felt like everyone else had as good of a time as I did, and that made me happy.

After we left the Big Bang, most everyone headed home... but four of us moved on to Cadillac Ranch (yep, we have places called that in Nashville) to do a little dancing before heading home for the night.

It was definitely a super fun night, and I couldn't have envisioned it being any better.

I spent the rest of the weekend going to my cousin's graduation, having a birthday dinner with my grandparents, and going to a MTSU baseball game today with my family.  It was definitely a terrific weekend!

Also, I totally stayed up and watched Justin Timberlake on SNL last night.  If you didn't see it, go to NOW and watch all the clips they've got on there.  You won't be disappointed.

Here are some photos from the birthday party!

I have no clue who this guy is, but it was his 21st birthday and he had this awesome hat so I asked to take a picture in it. :)

This was at the end of the night before we all crashed.  I had decided to put on a friend's shorts on top of my jeans.  Aside from that weird fashion choice, I think this is a neat candid shot.


d.a.r. said...

So much fun!! You looked adorable :)

Niki said...

Happy Early Birthday! Glad you had such a fun weekend!!

Jocelyn said...

Aww you are so cute. Sounds like a fun weekend overall. Love the pictures

Nicole said...

I love the pics girl! I'm so glad you had a great birthday weekend! YAY for a whole month of celebrating! You deserved a fun weekend!!

::Getting PUMPED for Chicago!!::


Happy Early Birthday!! If your anything like me (which i'm sure you are) people could tell you Happy Birthday all day and you wouldnt get sick of it! Ha ha ha ha!

The Northerner said...

Sounds like a fun time!

I saw that JT was on SNL, but we just couldn't stay awake! I will definitely be hitting up hulu when I get a free moment!

Chic Runner said...

You look so happy! It looks like it was truly a great weekend! :) Glad you had such a wonderful birthday and man, you got to go to so many cool concerts!!! :)

aron said...

sounds like such a fun night!!!!

Sharneysrun said...

Happy Birthday Melanie :-) I will email you tonight!