Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running a Bit Behind....

Apologies everyone for my absence the past few days from the blogosphere.  Honestly, things have just been kind of busy even though I am only working 20 hours a week right now.  I promise to do better about posting and commenting soon. :)

Meanwhile, I still need to get pictures on my computer so that I can tell you how the rest of my birthday went!  I'll get on that, too.

I've been busy since my birthday going to board meetings at the non-profit I serve at as well as a baseball game and a wedding.

My sister's boyfriend plays for the university I also attended, and they've been doing really well this season.  He usually puts our family on the list when we're coming to games so that we can get in free, but he forgot to include me with the parents on Friday.  I decided to go out on a limb and see if my old college ID would get me in.  They don't swipe them like they do at football games.  So I pulled it out, flashed it, and they waved me on in.  Yes, I realize some of you might think this is wrong, but the way I see it they got plenty of money from me over the 4 years I was there... not getting another $5 from me isn't going to kill them.  Besides, I bought the over-priced concessions, so I call it even.

Yesterday I traveled 3 hours to go to a wedding that my sister was in.  It was a pretty wedding, but it definitely made for a long day.  I drove my sister's car back because she was exhausted from the weekend's festivities and not getting a lot of sleep.

Today? Today I ran 7 miles!!  I was very excited, even though my left leg is still having some aches that I don't like.  I know it's just because that leg is still a little weaker than the other because of the time I had to spend off of it, but dang it's getting annoying.  My knee bothered me a bit today... it didn't stop me or anything, but I'd be happier if I wasn't aware of a particular knee during a run.

Nonetheless, I am now up to 7 miles.  I ran it in 1:15, which was about 5 minutes slower than I would have liked.  However, I'm trying to really relax and take it easy until I can get up to 10 miles or so.  I feel like it's important to focus on my endurance right now and not get my panties in a wad over my pace. I have PLENTY of time to improve my pace.  It won't do me any good to run fast if I can't go the full distance.

It felt really good to be out there, even if my leg was bothering me a bit.  I saw a piece of rope that I thought was a snake, then I saw an actual snake, and I saw 6 geese just hanging out and not giving two flips that I ran by.  We've had more rain than usual lately, so there were ponds all around in places there shouldn't be ponds.  I also had to run out of my way once to get around some flooding on the greenway.  However, at sunny and 65 degrees, it was a nice day for a run.  I followed it up by a cold water bath (because I didn't have any ice), an hour of yoga, some foam rolling, my compression socks and an ice pack on the achy knee.

I need to start getting more serious about working cross training in as I'm increasing my mileage.  I want to make sure I'm doing other things to improve my strength and fitness.  With my new schedule, I should be able to make it to more spin, pilates, and strength classes at the gym.

I'm determined to catch up on my Google Reader this week as well as post about the rest of my birthday, so stay tuned...


Nicole said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy! :) Great job on the 7miler! When does marathon training start? I seriously need to sit down this week and get it figured out.

I'm in a wedding this coming weekend and i'm SUPER busy everyday this week so i'll probably get to it next week. Oye

Can't wait to hear about your birthday!


J said...

That sounds like a fun weekend and birthday! I totally get you about the ID thing...I hate paying for stuff at college if i dont have to!! Great job on the 7 miler! i am sure your leg will become stronger soon. Maybe try some strength training??

Jocelyn said...

Great job on your 7 mile and I'm glad that you have been busy and had a good bday :D!

Amy said...

Congrats on the 7 miler!!! You should be proud of your progress and not worry about the pace... your speed will come back.

Happy belated birthday, too!

Niki said...

Great job on the 7 miles!! Keep it up!

Matt said...

Woohoo, 7 Miles!

Just a few weeks ago, you were worried about doing 5.. now you're up to 7.