Monday, June 22, 2009

Does Wakeboarding Count as Cross Training?

After the race on Saturday, I hopped in the car with my friend Brian and headed to Tim's Ford Lake to meet up with friends Paige, Christina, and Stephanie at fellow friend Ben's family's lakehouse.

We found out that Saturday ended up being the hottest day of the year so far in middle TN, so we all agreed there was no better way to spend it than on the lake. We enjoyed floating in the water and taking the boat out for a ride. We also did a little tubing, something that I have always enjoyed.

I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to a lake in over four years, so it felt great to get back out on the water for the first time in a while.

We grilled out and had dinner, taking it easy and enjoying one another's company before calling it a night.

Sunday, we got up and had some yummy pancakes and mimosas for breakfast before slathering on the sunscreen and heading out for another 90°+ kind of day. This time we got a little more adventurous, and I tried wakeboarding for the first time ever. I had learned how to waterski a few years ago and thought that if I could figure that out then surely I could figure this out.

I think someone said they hated me after I was able to get up on my very first try. (I can't help it... I have strong legs, good balance and a low center of gravity working in my favor!) Granted, I didn't stay up long. I tried maybe 8 times or so, and each time I got a little better at getting up and staying up. Once I finally got the hang of it and figured out how to stay up and enjoy the ride, I was too worn out to keep doing it. I'll definitely have to try this again next time!

We also got a little creative with our tubing. We decided we should try to build a pyramid, so Brian and Ben got on their hands and knees on either side of the tube and I climbed up on them to be the top of the pyramid... all while moving. Crazy, I know, but we weren't going really fast.

We got some great pictures of the events, but they're all on someone else's camera. I'll have to share later.

This morning when I got up, I could hardly move! My whole upper body is super sore from the wakeboarding, and I have a bruise on my leg that I think I got from our pyramid attempts. Oh well... it was worth it since we had so much fun!

This will probably be my last post for the next 2 weeks since I'm heading to Europe. I've got a few guest posts lined up to break up the days for you in your Google Reader. When I get back, be prepared for lots of stories and lots of pictures!


Sharneysrun said...

Hi Melanie- Just catching up on your blog now - can I just say that you did AWESOME on your race?!!!! You ROCK, girl :-) So proud of you!

We'll miss you when you're gone, but have a fabulous time :-)

Rachel H. said...

I'm SO jealous that you got to go to the lake this weekend! I haven't been in SO long!!

The Northerner said...

Have an amazing trip Melanie!

Niki said...

Wakeboarding definitely counts as cross training! I can attest to this from my soreness from doing it all weekend! Ha!! I love tubing too! Sounds like ya'll had a great time!! And great job on getting up on the 1st try! We will miss you while you're gone! But have a wonderful time, can't wait for pics!!

Nicole said...

EUROPE! AHHHHHH your gonna have sooo much fun! I hope you can update randomly on facebook so i know my CM buddy is okay!!!

I'm gonna whip up the guest post tonight! YAY FOR VACAY!!!